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I have a patient I have seen for sometime. He is 6'3", 240#, played college ball briefly, left due to family needs. Lives in Indiana. I believe he played defensive end in college. He is 25 years old and still able and now more focussed. He might make a good linebacker. What is the process for getting him a look with the bengals organization. He is from Brookville, IN.

Asian Tiger B)

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Well first of all, welcome to the "Zone" Asian Tiger. In answer to your question about your "patient", depending on what treatment he was seeking (medical/mental/dental) would be more of an indicator on if he should pursue pro sports. I understand the confidentiality aspects of this post, so all I can recommend is repost this question in another forum (General Discussions, Bengals or NFL) and see if anyone here has any ideas. That's all the help I can offer. Good luck. B)

Aw screw it. I'll move it for you to General discussions. I gotta do something around here I suppose.

Just so everyone knows...this was originally in "Introductions".

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I think the first thing your patient needs to do is try out for a semi-pro league and get his feet wet again. This also enables you to accomulate some data, that's current, and send to all the professional teams, all leagues; like the NFL or AFL. You will need to eventually force scouts to watch him forcing them to determine if he's close to being something considerable towards football qualities.

But it all starts to joining a semi-pro league. It's very rare that NFL tryouts happen, but it does happen. Either start from the bottom on up, or hope for the best trying out for an NFL team.

Welcome to the board Tiger.

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