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The Masters


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Just wondered if anyone would be following the Masters this week. I'm a huge fan myself.

How huge.

I was having a discussion with another football fan the other day and he asked me if I had one sporting event I could attend in my life, what would it be?(He just assumed I'd say Super Bowl)

Personally, I'd take Sunday at the Masters over anything. The mystique and tradition is unparalelled to me!

I even have pics of Amen Corner framed in my living room!

BTW, golf is the hardest sport in the universe!!

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No not at all, my wife and I are looking forward to watching this weekend as well. We have a couple other things going on, but this is just one of those golfing events that we like watching. I can't play golf to save my life, but I do understand the sport and find watching it very relaxing.


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If Vijay and Tiger were going head to head I would watch. But other than that, I could care less. The PGA hates black golfers for some stupid ass reason.

You have to be kidding.

Tiger is celebrated because of his ancestory.

I'd guess that over the next ten to fifteen years the PGA tour's minority numbers will not be so small.

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