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Is there any better Opening Day game?


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Out of all the teams does anyteam have a better opening day tradition than the Cincinnati reds.

I don't think so.

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Here is my prediction...

we win 63 games and loose 100...that is just what I think

If we don't move Dunn to first base, It is over for us. Every team will just hit the ball at him and he will continue to drop them. And on top of that his batting average won't stay the same and will go down , and his strike outs might go up.

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I know Dunn had a terrible game, but the winds were incredibly bad today too, for what that is worth. Cubs would just hit it up into the jet stream, and then let the wind play with it, then the hilarity would ensue.

I expect nothing out of the Reds this year. New ownership needs time to work things out, and I expect them to do that, just not this year.

I love Opening Day though.

But man, The Reds, my Reds, well they are horrific. As in an ugly, fat girl whose name you can't remember in the morning and who won't leave horrific. Eeegawds.

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ha maybe we can just clone 4 more Bronson Arroyos, the way he played yesterday was awesome, he definatey makes the rest of our pitchers suck.

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