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Sapp or Taylor???

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Who do you think has the better upside??

I would have to say Sapp. Get 3-4 good years out of him and he's worth the $$$$.

And with Sapp and CJ talkin' smack......just think of the ESPN air time!!!!!!!!!

(Not to mention the increase in ticket sales, overall media exposure, and Bengals gear sales...hell, I'd definitely buy the jersey!! Think mikey is thinking about all this??? I think 4 mil says yes)

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SAPP ALL THE WAY. He plays every down & will help more than any CB. Don't forget the Rushing Yards we allowed that kick us from getting into the playoff. Plus the leadership in the BIG GAME this is what no one is talking about that we really need. That is something Marvin is tring to address.

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Last year's performance, created a Buzz again about our beloved Bengals, Sapp's mouth, CJ's antics, and Dillon's outburst' (just in case we don't trade him, or release him) would create a ESPN 3 just for the Bengals coverage.

But to answer the post.. Sapp in 4 years probably won't be a Bengal, and neither will Taylor I imagine. I'm sure there will be some type of clause that they can relinquish those salaries in a few years, especially since Cincy will most likely draft a DT early, and a Corner early as well.

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