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Danny Graves made the Indians


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Graves made the Indians team.

Graves issues from last year are coming to light.

He got a girl in Philly pregnant and then she busted him having sex with another girl while she was waiiting for him in their hotel room. He is married with four kids.

Well the girl got angry and now she is subpoening his teammates with the Mets to testify about a night that Glavine, Floyd and Graves spent with three girls.

As if his drug and alcohol problems weren't enough.

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lol, yes it is

kiss kiss :P

Dont care about Graves , but it is nice to now that the famous Jenna Jameson is a Bengalszone fan.

Prayers wont help him now, i was surprised the indians signed him after word got out that Glavine and Floyd from the Mets are going to have to testify about things that went on on the road because Graves is getting sued by the pregnant girl.

oh well, i guess the indians think they can handle him, but i think he is a recipe for disaster

Oh my! My fantasy is cuming true.
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