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Would bush really be that big of mistake for the texans?


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here alot of people saying what mistake it would be for them to take bush rather then trade down,but with saints being set @ QB now theres a chance they could take D'brick which screw the saints if they did trade down...+ with 1st overall pick I'm sure they'll be able get starters in rnd 2 mybe 3 then prospects in 3 and 4 and then mybe they can trade the browns for faine :P and woulden't be best line but upgrade over last year mybe.

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Houston NEEDS so much and the loss of their WR's hasn't helped that one bit. As far as Bush goes, will he help ?? Sure, but IMO he will not be the SAVIOR of that team and very seldom (if at all) does ONE player make that big of a difference. If they don't strengthen that o-line Bush won't make a difference and Carr will find himself right where he was last year, on his back...

I think they are kind of stuck though, because no one is going to trade up to #1 (giving up a lot) to take a RB. New Orleans also kind of screwed Houston by getting Brees, because with them not needing a QB, other teams don't need to trade up to #1 to get their guy, they only need to get to #2.

If there's any way Houston can trade out, I think they do it, but just don't see it happening and see Bush going #1 for sure. Houston has the top pick in the 2nd and the top 2 in the 3rd. I see o-line and WR in those next three picks. It's still going to take them another couple to few years though...


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I think the Texans need to grab Bush. I know he won't fix their problems, but neither will D'Brick. The offensive line is obviosly their weak point, but Reggie Bush has a chance to be a truly great player. I say they should draft him, and look at the o-line in later rounds and/or in next year's first round.

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