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That wasn't Basketball!


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NCAA Basketball is becoming more and more like the NBA. The refs NEVER call traveling. They should call it about 10x per game from what I can see. The refs NEVER EVER call a carry against the ball handler. They could call the carry about 2-3 times per possession. LITERALLY! And you have to absolutely get mugged to have a foul called. This is not the same game that it was 20 years ago. Its more like rugby/football without the pads on. Where did the skill go? The team with the most skill does not win. The team with the most wide-bodied goons win because they have more fouls to give and they can hand-check and push and pull instead of moving their feet. Its really, REALLY hard to watch! :angry:

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Add least it hasn't degraded to the No Blood, No Foul rules we used in Junior High gym class, but it's getting close.

That's actually my favorite kind of basketball! :lol:

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I don't mind that either, as long as they call them both ways

the UConn vs Washinton game was a sham

UConn shot around 45 free throws to UW's 23

They called 32 fouls against UW, while only calling 19 against UConn.

i remember the announcer sayign with around nine minutes left in the game that UW had SIX players with four or more fouls.

And it still took them overtime to win

My conspiracy theory tells me there is no way UCONN doesn't win the title

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