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Thepudge's Bengals Draft Database Update III

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I'm back again for those patient enough to read another updated version of my Bengals Draft Database. As you can tell I switched up the Mock Draft and Round by Round section. I added an Offensive Tackle section and lots of new player profiles. The Chart of Needs changed a little bit too, but nothing drastic of exciting there. So, sit back and enjoy. Only a little over a month to go. As always I will take all questions and constructive criticism. Enjoy!


1. (24)- Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan- Finally we get that big earth shaking DT that the media has been clamoring for. Watson has the potential to dominate. He is 6’3 339 with above average quickness and athleticism for his size. If we could get his ass in gear, we will have a dominant DT who will take blockers off the LB’s and provide a nice interior push. Watson’s inconsistency and laziness is the problem, which is why some people say we won’t draft him. Don’t let that scare you off, if a 1st Round paycheck doesn’t get you motivated then Marvin Lewis will. Also, his stamina is not great, but with Shaun Smith, a similar player, we shouldn’t take too much of a step back when Watson comes off the field.

Other Possibilities: Donte Whitner S OSU, Tye Hill CB Clemson, Leonard Pope TE Georgia, Tamba Hali DE Penn State, Marcus McNeill OT Auburn.

2. (55)- Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA- Would be an excellent value here and there is a good chance it could happen with Dominique Byrd’s impressive Senior Bowl. Lewis is a big TE, who is a better blocker than he gets credit for. Though he doesn’t have great speed, Lewis is athletic and has very good skills as a receiver. He had a good senior season and has been considered a First Round pick since last year; That changed when Leonard Pope, Vernon Davis, and Anthony Fasano declared and with the emergence of Byrd. Lewis is still a great talent, though he needs to continue to bulk up and refine his blocking skills.

Other Possibilities: Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame, Richard Marshall CB Fresno State, Daniel Bullocks S Nebraska, Dominique Byrd TE USC, Rodrique Wright DT Texas.

3. (91)- Dee Webb, CB, Florida- At 5’11 183, Webb is a great athlete with impressive physical ability. He was a good college corner, but may need to put on about 10 pounds to match up well in the NFL. He has the speed and potential Keiwan Ratliff lacks, but he is raw and inconsistent at this point. Eventually, when it is time for Tory James to go, Webb could step in as the starter. Since that shouldn’t be for another year or two, it will give Webb the time to develop his technique and body. Right now, in most defenses, Webb could play in the Nickel. He is tough, physical, and athletic. The kid has starter potential.

Other Possibilities: Darryl Tapp DE Virginia Tech, Devin Hester ATH Miami, Mark Anderson DE Alabama, Jon Alston LB Stanford, Pat Watkins S Florida State.

4. (122)- Stanley McClover, DE, Auburn- An excellent speed rusher. Though his is raw and undersized, McClover could make his impact as a situational pass rusher. He probably will never be a starter because of inconsistency and his size, but he can be a Robert Mathis type player at the next level who excels in rushing the passer. McClover’s stock is fluctuating and he may or may not be there when we pick in the 4th, some have him as 3rd Rounder, others have him in the 4th-5th Round range.

5. (152)- Barry Coefield, DT, Northwestern- A guy the Bengals have had their eye on. Why? Your answer is his versatility. This is a guy similar to Carl Powell. Coefield can play inside or outside. At 6’4 304, Coefield has good size for either position. He won’t be a star, or a starter for that matter, but he’ll provide versatile depth for years. Coefield is reliable, durable, experienced, and had a good senior season for Northwestern. This guy would be a great pickup in the 5th Round.

6. (183)- Travis Williams, LB, Auburn- A lot of you are thinking there is no way Williams falls this far, but due to his size 6'1 213 there are going to be plenty of teams that don't think he can play in the pro's. Luckily, Marvin will see this guy as a Special Teams monster and another fast, rangy LB to add to his collection. Williams is a very good player, but at 213 there is no way he can be a starting LB in the pros, scouts will notice that and he will fall, simple as that. A steal, and a bit of a reach for me to put him all the way in the 6th, but hey, that's what happens.

7. (214)- Chris Kuper, OG, North Dakota- Bobbie and Steinbach are good starters but behind them we are a bit lacking. Kuper is a small school prospect that could develop into a fine backup in a couple years. No expects him to ever start, but he should provide adequate depth to round out the Bengals draft.

Ok, well I hope you liked it and didn't think it waas too unrealistic. I thought I did a decent job personally, but doesn't everybody. Tell me what you think... I am aware I didn't add a CB, but hey there's always next year or even free agency.



















and here is a little more... just a few targets for each round



1. Brodrick Bunkley DT FSU

2. Donte Whitner S/CB OSU

3. Tye Hill CB Clemson

4. Gabe Watson DT Michigan

5. Leonard Pope TE Georgia


1. Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA

2. Daniel Bullocks S Nebraska

3. Jonathan Joseph CB South Carolina

4. Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame

5. Jonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech


1. Pat Watkins S Florida State

2. Mark Anderson DE Alabama

3. Dusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma

4. Jon Alston LB Stanford

5. Dee Webb CB Florida


1. Stanley McClover DE Auburn

2. Mike Kudla DE Ohio State

3. Kevin Boothe OG Cornell

4. Terna Nande LB Miami (Ohio)

5. Devin Hester ATH Miami


1. The Best Player Available (

2. OG depth

3. LB depth, generally faster (Travis Williams, Brian Iwuh, James Anderson, etc.)

4. QB is a possiblity in the late rounds, Doug Johnson is on a 1-year deal


DT's---At what we need is talent, not depth. That makes this a Day One need ONLY.With Shaun Smith and Matthias Askew we are fine depth wise. However, Bryan Robinson and John Thornton just aren't really getting the job done. A quicker, stronger, agressive guy is the type of DT Marvin likes. He DOES NOT want a space eater that will sit there and just take up space and not play hard for him. As you can tell, he is trying to build an agressive team, not a lazy team.

The dream situation would be getting Brodrick Bunkley. Bunkley is an elite physical specimen who fits the Bengals system extremely well. Bunkley is a quick, strong, and very productive in his senior year. There is a chance Bunkley could bust, but that goes for just about anyone. Bunkley has slight durability issues, but that’s just about it. A great Senior season with 25 TFL and 9 sacks, arguably the best DT in the country a year ago. Will likely be gone by #24.

If Gabe Watson can show that he has a good work ethic the Bengals may take him at #24 because of his talent. No, I am not going against what I said earlier. Watson is not a soft space eater, Watson is a player, when he wants to, who can cause all kinds of problems for opponents OL's, especially stuffing the run. However, will he be willing to cut his laziness out and get to work in the NFL? No one doubts his talent. Watson is a guy who we could end up taking 24th.

Claude Wroten in the 1st or 2nd round is another guy who fits the system and could contribute immediately. Wroten is not as bulky as Bunkley, but also weighs 300 lbs and is a playmaker in the backfireld. He provided great push for that LSU defensive line this past year. Wroten comes with a bit of a character concern. The guy will need to fall a little more so we can take him at 55. As of right now he’s in that Early-Mid 2nd Round mix.

Dusty Dvoracek is another possibility. Dvorcek right now is 6'2 3/4 306, and he'd be a good find in the 3rd Round. Dvoracek is a fiery, disruptive DT who would bring a little more intensity to the Bengals front four. He is an agressive pass-rusher who would take double teams off Justin Smith. Dvoracek had some character concerns in the past with alcohol, but most signs point to those concerns being gone.

Orien Harris is a possibility in the second round. He’d be a steal if Marvin could get him motivated. He has only average size for a DT but gets a solid push and is a pretty good run stuffer. He is a strong character and is a leader on the field, but tends to be a bit inconsistent. Has had durability issues and still has to work to fulfill his potential. A possibility at #55.

Notice I do not have Rodrique Wright listed much in this whole article. Mostly because Wright's draft stock has been going down as of late. If he shows he is committed and he shows he can be more agressive, I think Wright has monster potential. However, as of right now I, and many others, see a lazy player who is a little soft. Also, Wright recently said he was a finesse player, not an agressive player, for that reason alone Marvin may not go near him. Wright projects right now as a 2nd or 3rd Round Pick. However, the guy could become the best DT to come out of this draft. In his Sophomore season, Wright would’ve projected as a Top 5 pick, easy. If we could get him back to that form he’d be well worth a 2nd Round pick.

S's--- The Bengals tend to like their safety's rangy and agressive, yet they will play a big part in coverage as well. Marvin likes versatile, balanced safety's who don't miss tackles and who can make plays. Consistency is another thing that Marvin is very big on and likely won't take a streaky S. As I said before, he doesn't just want an enforcer, he wants a guy that can run and cover too. With the recent signing of Dexter Jackson Safety is not necessarily an urgent need. If we don’t pick up one in this years draft it’s not the end of the world. However Jackson is 29 and is only an adequate starter, his signing shouldn’t change the Bengals draft plans all that much. Safety is still a 1st Day possibility, maybe even likelihood.

Darnell Bing is one guy no one is really sure of. Bing has some speed and cover ability but is only adequate in both categories. Like Ohalete, he tends to overrun plays a little bit, taking himself out of them. Yet Bing is big and is an enforcer. He has plenty of experience and has good natural instincts. Once again his speed though is a concern. He should be a fine NFL Safety, he’s more of a last resort at #24 and could slide to #55 with a couple more rising stars.

If he had his way he'd have another Madieu Williams. That guy this year, could be Ko Simpson, he's versatile, agressive and good in coverage. Simpson may not have been as good as his Freshman production will tell you, but the guy has plenty of talent. He’s a ballhawk who is a very willing run supporter. He’s a good tackler and very balanced as a S. Could play either Safety position. Is a possibility at #24.

Donte Whitner’s stock has risen big-time after a very good Combine. Whitner is now a Mid-Late 1st Round guy after impressing at the Combine and his Pro Day. There is a chance we could take him in the 1st, because he is a great fit. He has nice size, speed, and is very versatile, some think he is a better prospect at CB. Whitner is also a local product and you can expect the Bengals staff to know plenty about this guy. He’s emerging as a real possibility at 24.

Jason Allen is a name that has been mentioned a lot recently. The guy is a tweener and it concerns some scouts that he may not have a true position. I wouldn’t count on that to turn Marvin off. However, he has yet to master either and will have to set his mind on one position in the NFL. He has a history of injury problems, but has had strong workouts recently. He has all the physical skills you look for at 6’1 209 running a 4.39 and had a good career at Tennessee. I see him as Very Late 1st-Early 2nd round guy.

Daniel Bullocks is a guy I believe the Bengals are watching closely. They had several guys at his Pro Day and I’m sure they looked at him at both the Senior Bowl and the Combine. Bullocks is 6’0 ½ 212 and runs a 4.38, great measurables for a Safety. He has had some trouble in coverage, but can improve. Bullocks plays the run very well and has good instincts in coverage. He’d be a great pickup in the 2nd.

Pat Watkins and Bernard Pollard are two 3rd Round options. Watkins is inconsistent and must get stronger, but is a balanced performer that is a good leader on and off the field. Pollard lacks elite speed and has only adequate cover skills, but is bulky and is an enforcer against the run.

TE's---At TE, the Bengals would like their guy to be as balanced as possible. They also want a guy who can take pressure of the WR's and proivide Carson with an alternate option, especially in the redzone. With the Bengals growing problems with WR depth (Kelley Washington as a RFA, Chris Henry will likely be suspened) they are now more likely to draft a guy who is a good receiver. This is a deep class at TE, so a 1st Round TE like Pope seems unlikely.

Leonard Pope is the best fit and is probably the most likely TE for the Bengals 1st Round pick. Pope is huge, fast, and can really stretch the field as a receiver and is one of the best blocking TE’s in this class. At 6'8 260, Pope also has great potential. He is a prospect who is far from polished, but could start immediately and will just get better.

Marcedes Lewis who accelled as a blocker not a receiver at the Senior Bowl and erased balance doubts, is another good fit, but he'd have to fall to the 2nd for the Bengals to take him. With so many prospects on the rise there is actually a good chance Lewis falls to the 2nd Round.

Joe Klopfenstein is looking like a possibility for the Bengals. Klopfenstein is tall and a good receiver, but needs to get bigger and become a better blocker. Right now he would just be like another Matt Schobel. Eventually, Klopfenstein could prove to be much more. Schobel did not have the physical ability this guy has, or the redzone potential. Klopfenstein won’t fall to us in the 3rd so we’d have to either trade down or reach for him at 55.

Notre Dame’s Anthony Fasano is a possibility in the 2nd. He may lack athleticism and elite speed, but he has enough and is a solid all-around Tight End. He has very good hands, is big, and might be one of the best fits. He gives a good effort. He may lack potential, but he’ll be a solid TE in the NFL.

Tim Day fits as well, but if the Bengals WR issue gets as bad as it is capable of getting, he may not be enough of a field-stretcher. Day can block well and would provide Palmer with a good safety blanket with reliable hands. He could make an impact in the redzone. Expect Day to be selected in the Late 3rd Round.

Western Michigan’s Tony Scheffler also looked promising at the Combine. He is a prospect similar to Joe Klopfenstein but he may just be a workout warrior. He has proven nothing against a high level of competition. A sleeper who we could consider in the 3rd, or who may fall to us in the 4th.

CB's---This position is very unclear. Some people believe this is a need that needs to be adressed is the first two rounds, some don't think it's even neccessary. What we need is a fast corner that does not miss tackles. If only that was as easy as it sounds. A cover corner is needed opposite Deltha O'Neal, Tory James is still decent but is aging and misses too many tackles, Keiwan Ratliff is a more physical guy but probably does not have the speed to be a starting CB. Depth is another issue, behind Ratliff there is really no one. Hopefully this need is filled through FA so we don't have to use a pick on it. If not, as said in the beginning, it could be anywhere from a 2nd to 5th round need.

Tye Hill is a very good CB prospect if we are to target one in the 1st Round. He may be this draft's top cover corner. He's very fast and is willing in run support. He's very durable and is a good leader, a capable replacement for Tory James. He'll likely be gone, but he's definitely a good prospect.

Jonathan Joseph is an very good cover corner who really came on for South Carolina last season. This guy is flying up boards and after he ran a 4.31 at the Combine, and may rise even more if a couple top CB’s don’t run well. The problem there is durability and he is a bit inexperienced. If he's there, Joseph may get the call with the 55th pick.

Richard Marshall is another cover corner with similar skills to Joseph. Marshall may not be quite as fast, but his speed is pretty good. He's a better cover corner than Joseph, but is not very polished and doesn't have those ideal instincts. Has pretty good size and is willing in run support. Marshall likely will not be there when we pick in the 2nd Round but is a great fit.

Cedric Griffin is a bigger guy, however, like Keiwan Ratliff, he has only average speed and doesn't fit the mold the Bengals would like to fit.

Anwar Phillips, Darrell Hunter, and DeMario Minter are three guys fit the mold decently and could be available in the 4th Round.

In the second day, Charles Gordon, Devin Hester, and Will Blackmon would be intruiging picks. All three of these guys also provide a spark on special teams however they are raw as corners and may not upgrade the CB position as much as they would the PR position. They would definitley help to solve the depth problem and all have very good potential. Hester is a 3rd round talent. Blackmon and Gordon will both probably be Early-Mid 4th Rounders.

DE's---Another contoversial position. Some feel this is a need that should be addressed on the first day because they feel Geathers is not getting the job done. Others feel we simply lack depth and youth behind Smith and Geathers and that Robert should continue to get his chance to prove himself. I am part of that 2nd group. With Clemons and Powell both over 30 some new faces are definitely needed. The best fit as a backup RE would be a pass-rusher to supplant Geathers and give him some rest at times. This could be targeted anywhere from the 3rd to 5th round, but it seems pointless to take a DE any later than that.

Penn State’s Tamba Hali would be a decent value at #24. At 6’3 275, Hali is not as undersized as originally thought. A good emotional leader who has a great story behind him. He has blown away scouts because of his great interviews and good senior season. He needs to develop a wider array of pass-rushing moves, but is a good pass-rusher and is probably a Top 15 value.

If you are a fan of taking a DE early, Matthias Kiwanuka is a decent fit. Kiwanuka has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher. He is very tall, with long arms and has pretty good speed. However, he lacks bulk and will be shut down by the league's better OT's. If Kiwanuka gains weight and gives a consitent effort he could be an elite DE in the NFL. It would take the Bengals 1st Rounder to get Kiwanuka.

Parys Haralson has l below average size, but is quick off the edge and knows how to get to the QB. If Haralson can put on about 10 lbs he could be a great backup and a potential starter one day. He’s not very fast but showed quick feet and good athleticism in drills at the Combine. Look for him as a potential 3rd Rounder.

Darryl Tapp was one of college's top pass-rushers this past year. Though short, Tapp draws comparisons to the Colts Dwight Freeney. However Tapp doesn't have nearly Freeney's sub-4.5 speed. Still, Tapp shows great burst off the edge and could make a good impact as a pass-rusher. Tapp’s stock has been falling due to his slow Combine time, but his college production and showings at the Senior Bowl should make him at least a Third Round pick.

Indiana's Victor Adeyanju is a name Bengals fans have heard a lot. The guy has all the physical tools, he has the work ethic and he has the experience. At 6’4 267 he runs a 4.67, which are great measurables. Yet Adeyanju remains a raw prospect and would likely fit better on the left side. I would not be willing to use a 2nd Rounder on him, yet if he is there in the 3rd Marvin may take a long look at this guy.

Stanley McClover is another pass-rushing DE that we may look at. McClover, like Tapp, is very quick off the edge and is a very good pass-rusher. At 6'2 252, the guy is undersized. However, McClover has decent speed and potential. Even though McClover lacks experience and ideal size. If he's there in the 3rd or 4th, we may consider this tenacious pass rusher.

Mark Anderson has had a very good offseason and Combine. He could emerge as a strong candidate for the 91st. Anderson is flying up the boards; He is 6’4 254 and runs a 4.61, he shows great athleticism and had an impressive game at the Senior Bowl. Still, Anderson lacks good strength and bulk.

Mike Kudla and Eric Henderson are a bit bigger and more experienced. However, Henderson has durability problems and is inconsistent and Kudla may lack the explosiveness to ever start. Kudla is very smart and was an elite college DE, but isn't quick nor is he explosive enough to get consistent pressure, he'll be a solid player whether he play LB or DE. Both are possibilities in the 4th Round.

OT’s--- A need many people are really not thinking about, but I’m not kidding when I say that we may go Offensive Tackle in the First Round. Levi Jones, our veteran LT, is expected back next year as his contract expires after the 2006 season. However, it is unsure that we will bring our Pro-Bowl RT Willie Anderson back after next year. Anderson will be 31 in July and we may let him walk, which would be a sad day. With Adam Kieft and Stacy Andrews, it looks like we have adequate depth for the future, but we may want to invest in a 2007 starter if the team plans to let Willie Anderson or Jones go. This makes OT a First Round possibility, but not at all likelihood.

Marcus McNeill looks to be the most likely suitor. Huge (6’7 5/8 336) RT from Auburn, ring any bells…The Anderson comparisons don’t end there. McNeill is a great run blocker who also shows good ability as a pass protector. This is where the comparison begins to fizzle…Marcus McNeill is an extremely athletic prospect at OT. However, McNeill has slight durability issues and plays a little too upright. The guy still has a lot of potential and an extra year to refine his technique would be a good thing. An outside possibility at 24.

Eric Winston is a RT/LT tweener. The guy played all Left Tackle in college, but because of his injuries he has looked a little stiff, leading some to believe he’s a better fit on the Right side in the NFL. He has excellent size at 6’6 5/8 310 lbs and surprising athleticism. He is smart and has top notch intangibles, however at this point he would need to add strength and bulk to play on the right side or he would have to prove that he is fully recovered from those injuries to play LT. Still has a lot of upside and a very outside possibility at 24.

Enjoy! More will be added shortly.

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Don't know that Gabe Watson is going to draw sh*t from too many. He'd be able to rotate with Shaun Smith to provide a 1-2 at LDT. The only real rub with the Watson pick in the 1st would be there's about 5 other DTs of the same type who will be available Day 2 and can do pretty much the same thing -- big dudes like LeKevin Smith, Steve Fifita, Johnny Jolly, Montavious Stanley etc. Hold the gap and keep the Red Sea from opening between the tackles. It really ain't rocket science but does take a coach to commit to that size and type of player to go against the strong side of the line.

If the Bengals want to pick a DT high it ought to be one who can do more than just hold a gap. Not that holding a gap is not important -- it is and even more so now that the Bengals D-line under Brez stunts a whole lot less than it did under Frazier. If it's a Day 1 DT, he ought to be a penetrator -- one who's shown he can consistently get into the backfield especially for pass rush but also for stretch runs where that first early contact becomes a whole lot more important with DEs who have a hard time making the hard edge in time and forcing the cut back. There's really only 3 Day 1 DTs who look like they can offer backfield penetration and vastly improve the pass rush, which IMO remains the single most important part of the defense to upgrade -- Claude Wroten, Dust Dvoracek and John McCargo.

I believe most folks here already understand about Rod Wright, namely that the Bengals would be better off drafting a treadmill. Wouldn't get the glory of the Diet Pepsi Machine but the Rod Wright Treadmill is a sight to see in its own right. :lol: Orien Harris is only slightly less a waste of space than Wright, who should take the Antaaj Hawthorne nosedive -- not for dope reasons but because he plays way too high just like Antaaj.

I doubt Marcedes Lewis, Leonard Pope or Joe Klopfenstein will still be there when the Bengals pick in the 2nd. The Bengals unquestionably need a TE or 2 this year but I wouldn't expect the Bengals to change their flight pattern in the aerial game just because Carson might miss a few games and Henry won't be the 3rd WR for the foreseeable future. If they pick a TE in Day at all, I'd be surprised. The TE they do pick would seem likelier to be one with H-Back versatility who can offset in the I and blitz block well, plus line up that way to leak out into either the flats or for the check down dump. Of those types of TEs/H-Backs, the 2 most likely available in the 3rd or 4th who offer the most for middle of the field routes would be Dominique Byrd and David Thomas. Both of them thrive in short area and have moves and quickness to get out of the second level with better success than the taller, vertically-oriented TE types who are going to be less effective with their backs to the secondary when they catch the ball. There's also the chance the Bengals take 2 TEs -- one of the predominantly blocking type in the 6th or 7th. TEs like Charles Davis and Quinn Sypniewski are decent ones. I wouldn't be suprised if Jon Hayes made the trip out to Colorado to see Sypniewski as much as Klopfenstein because Klop really shouldn't last too long into the 2nd as good as he is.

Dee Webb should be a 2nd round CB, one whose value increases because he does have the short area quickness to cover faster WRs out of the slot if not the size to contend with the likes of taller seam running TEs. But I believe Webb sent a red flag up when one of his buddies was caught with one of Dee Webb's many guns shooting at an apartment. I doubt Marvin wants to risk any more trouble and have anything to do with Webb any more than he wants to do with Wroten and his gram's worth of dumba$$ery or Dvoracek (even though Dusty showed he can keep himself from going berserk for a full year).

CB really ought to be much more prioritized by the Bengals than the 3rd round anyway. I don't really want to see the Bengals go into the season with an ancient Tory James, a slow-footed Keiwan Ratliff and a dwarfish Rashad Bauman trying to keep up with Deltha and Madieu. This is a good year for the Bengals to roll the dice in that regard. A gap holding DT has a pretty limited reward for a 1st round pick, but a shut-down CB, you're talking about not only a boatload of money but also a defensive weapon who improves the overall defense even further because the LBs won't have to drop back as far to his side and the safeties can rely on him enough to play up more and gamble with blitzes and route jumping. So I'd say it's much likelier that the Bengals draft Antonio Cromartie, Donte Whitner, Ko Simpson or Jason Allen in the 1st round because even those latter 3 who might be considered safeties first do have the speed and ball skills to get serious consideration at CB and not just as zone corners.

Stanley McClover would be a good fit for the Bengals, but he's not as quick off the edge nor nowhere as strong as comparable middle round picks like Chris Gocong or James Wyche. McClover ought to get 1st consideration by 3-4 teams like Mark Anderson and Parys Haralson probably will. But all 3 of them look like they could at least fit the edge rush need the Bengals have got to address in this draft. Tapp and Henderson would also bring a lesser degree of that same ability and with much more effect than either Hali or Kiwanuka IMO.

As for tackle in the 1st round, I'd say it be more likely to be Darryn Colledge than either Marcus McNeil or Eric Winston at this point because Colledge looks like he'll be able to play LT. And the difference between LT and RT is the difference between filet mignon and a Fat Burger. :lol: Unless there's a dominant, road grating RT of the Jammal Brown order, they won't go in the 1st for good reason...there's no shortage of solid RTs even into Day 2. Still, Winston does have better skills in pass protection than most and McNeil is highly athletic and should fare decently at the next level if he can be taught how to move better in protection.

Cofield in the 5th would be a good pick but personally I hope the Bengals don't burn even a 6th round pick on a LB like Travis Williams unless he can play safety because I doubt he's got enough to him to come in even on 4-4-3 sets. He'd be straight special teams, which is all right kinda like Tab was last year. :D Kuper is interesting but as long a Kieft can really come back, there's much less need for a guard regardless of whether Big Bobbie gets extended. However, it's a different story with Steinbach and it's probably going to take a whole lot more than Kooistra or Kuper to replace him.

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I've always hated the idea of drafting Gabe Watson, but I started warming up to the idea more and more with every post I read that screamed for Sam Adams. Funny how that works, ehh?

Quick note, Claude Wroten was said to have had a miserable pro day. He lifted poorly, then ran some very marginal drills before pulling up short when running the 40. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if he wasn't in total free fall.

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