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Triva question


Scott Mitchell  

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  1. 1. Which of the following team did Scott Mitchell NOT play for?

    • Atlanta Falcons
    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • Detroit Lions

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I did'nt know if he played for Cincy or not i did'nt think he did though. I was just wondering the answer to this question.

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I did'nt know if he played for Cincy or not i did'nt think he did though.

<sigh> Kids these days... :lol:


JoiseyCat, Past President, Scott "Water Buffalo" Mitchell fan club

lol come on man i'm only 20 I don't remember plus he's not one of the biggest names.

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Yeah, I don't know that youth is the reason why somebody would forget that Scott Mitchell was one of "those" quarterbacks. It's probably a very healthy thing to block out that decade.

:blink: damn I feel dumb now, I guess I should have done this before I posted this topic. I just looked up his stats and he played for us in 2000 and 2001. Don't get me wrong I have like the Bengals since I was like 5 years old but I don't remember much about team in the 90s cause I was a kid being a kid playing with friends and stuff outside. But anyway I did'nt really get into the team until 2002, I followed the whole season, kept waiting for them to win some games (we know how that turned out) thats about the time I got real into the team. So thats why I don't remeber Scott Mitchell, probably the only couple of players from that roster I could tell you that were on there were Cory Dillon, Carl Pickens, and Akili Smith.

Anyway My Bad lol

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