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Meet Kitna

Tiger Stripes

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If anyoe is familar with the dayton mall Kitna will be at cardboard heroes tuesday march 16 from 5-7 signing autographs for 15 dollars all of which goes to charity also marvin will be doin the same april 6 just thought id let everyone know.

Go Bengals!

Coach Lewis will be in Dayton?

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I'm probably delusional thinking they might make it out here to Arizona, aren't I?  :lol:

I envy you lucky dogs!  B)

doubt they'll make it out there but at least your representin out there in cardinal land! have you ever been to pbs?

Billy and Boobie (Clark) represent our Arizona chapter. Yea, we are nation-wide. :D

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have you ever been to pbs?

No...I haven't been back to the Cincinnati area in many years. I'd love to though. My brother still lives there outside the Greater Cicinnati Airport in Hebron Kentucky. He works for Delta Airlines, and see's the Bengals come and go through there on road trips. Same with the Reds. I miss it! :(

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