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Denny Hamlin


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Other than having funny as hell FedEx commercials, who else is things this guy is going the Carl Edwards route towards NASCAR fame?

Won Budweiser shootout and now his first Busch win? This kid will be badass...

And it seems like J.J. Yeley is starting to get it too. Those Gibbs boys know how to drive..

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who else is things this guy is going the Carl Edwards route towards NASCAR fame?

Whoa up there Hoss! Carl is a good driver, in good equipment, from a good team, and cared for by a good crew. He has "back flipped" his way into prominence by winning a few races, and making the Chase. Once.

IMHO, both Edwards and Hamlin will have to be as strong and competitive as long as the likes of Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, and Dale Jarrett have to achieve true Nascar "fame." nascarsmileycar8kb.gif

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JGR is going to have a great year. I don't think Yeley will make the Chase but I wouldn't be surprised to see Denny in the Chase.

Yeley needs to stop wrecking.. it seems. Seemed like every Busch race last year he was wrecking something.

Hamlin at the end of 2005:

Kansas: 32 - 2 laps down

Lowes: 8 - lead lap finish

Martinsville: 8 - lead lap finish

Atlanta: 19 - 1 lap down

Texas: 7 - lead lap finish

Phoenix: 13 - lead lap finish

Homestead: 33 - 4 laps down.

Then he finished 12th at California this year?

Then he wins a road course. I know what you're saying Billy and 100% agree.

He's winning at different configuration tracks though. 1.5 milers, 1 miler, short-track; good finishes. Won a non-points restrictor plate where the drivers are 100 times more aggressive -- although Tony probably protected him more than he will admit.

I'm saying it now as Bold prediction #1 of the season -- Hamlin will make the Chase!

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For sure Denny owed Tony big time for the Budshoot out win. I really think Denny and Yeley with time are going to be a threat to win on every kind of track espically since they are probably running the same set ups as the 20 car. JGR has something really great going right now and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they start to become the dominate force in NASCAR. And Kirkendall i too think Denny will make the Chase along with Smoke from JGR.

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