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How to save some $$$


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I was trying to think of an idea on how we could save some money so that we can sign more than one big name free agent on defense. Here is what I came up with.

Don't resign Shobel or Stewart.

Release Luchey and Kenny Watson.

Then bring Ronnie Ghent off the pratice squad to fill in as the second string FB and third string TE.

Draft a good TE in the second or first round depending on who is available. If Vernon Davis or Leonard Pope are there you take them in the first. If Klopfenstein, Byrd, or Merceds Lewis are there in the second.

That should free up more room to bring in one (or both) of the 2 WR playing in NFL Europe, Warfield and Broussard, to play special teams.

Then we could go out in free agency and sign a DT like Sam Adams, Larry Tripplett, Brenston Buckner, Maake Kemoeatu, Gerrard Warren, or La'roi Glover. I would prefer signing Sam Adams at a minimum deal, or going with Tripplett because he comes from a franchise that knows about winning. Another guy to look at might be Gerard Warren since he has already had one large first round contract out of college and might be looking for 2 years on a team like the Bengals to get back one more large pay day contract. I would then draft a DT in the third round or later. Maybe pick more than one hoping to get a diamond in the rough.

Then I would address Safety with another free agent followed by a first or second round pick depending on how the TE situation plays out. There are numerous guys out there that would fit well in our system, but I think this is a position that you might overpay for just because of name. But overpaying on name also works in another way. A players name can also bring intimidation and that is what this defense needs. Eventhough Rodney Harrison or Ty Law may not be the same guys they used to be, when an offense makes a game plan against a defense they are on, their names are one of the first to come up. You can't tell me that when a WR goes over the middle for a catch they don't know who is back there waiting to give them a lick also. Can you say "alligator arms?" So I am all for "overpaying" for a safety in this situation. This draft is very deep in DB's and I think with the scouting staff the Bengals have in place now, they might be able to find a quality special teams and future role player in the mid to late rounds of the draft.

So what do you guys think?


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I was trying to think of an idea on how we could save some money so that we can sign more than one big name free agent on defense.

Not bad. I like the idea of signing a FA DT, tho Sam wouldn't be my first choice. I think he'd be OK, but he has the wiff of another "lookin' for 1 last paycheck" type and we've had enough of them. Buckner, Warren...ick. Glover I'd look at. Kemoeatu would be nice but probably too expensive sicne the Cards are supposedly eyeing him. But some other guys may shake out if there's no C BA breakthrough tomorrow.

I'm not a fan of taking a TE in the top 2 rounds, not because it wouldn't be nice to have one or that the ones available aren't good, but we have the No. 4 offense in the league with junk at TE and I'd rather focus on the D.

If the Bengals are going to make a splash in FA at all, safety is the best bet, IMHO.

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