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fantasy baseball anyone?


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its on yahoo

League ID# is 219241.

name is thezone

password is bengals

As much as I hate baseball right now, I might give this a go. Let me check it out first.

*EDIT* Whoa...picking AL players is going to be tough for me. I don't follow them in the least! Looks like that's about to change. Well, here's hoping for some serious beginners luck! :crybaby:

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haha sorry billy but goodluck to you. its the first time im going to be able to do the live draft so yay that

s**t I forgot about the draft! I haven't checked my roster yet but I prob got stuck with all s**tty players :(

I MISSED the stinkin' DRAFT too! :angry: Got my times mixed up dammit.

*Edit* Heh...now that I look at the team the computer picked for me, missing the draft was probably my best case scenario! :rolleyes:

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