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NFL.com's Pat Kirwin sounds off on T.O.

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Pat Kirwin sounds off on the TO situation:

"Kara Henderson: What is your opinion on what's going on with this crazy Terrell Owens situation?

Pat Kirwan: Well, I talked to people in Philadelphia and I know some people that are close to the Terrell Owens situation. Look, his agent made a mistake and he was sent back (to the 49ers). He is now property of the Baltimore Ravens. The notion that Terrell Owens or his agent thought they could decide where they are going to play is foolish. The San Francisco 49ers' most important job was to get what they can for Terrell; they sent him to Baltimore. They're going to rule in favor of the Baltimore Ravens. I heard that the agent has already called Philadelphia asking if they'd call Baltimore and try to trade. And what I heard is that Baltimore said, "Sure, send us a first-round draft pick." It's not going to happen.

If Terrell Owens wants to sit out, too bad for Terrell. He's going to have to play here or sit out the year. And let me make this most important point -- the Baltimore Ravens finally have Terrell Owens where he belongs, under a contract that doesn't have a signing bonus attached to it. That means he has to play well to continue to earn his money, and he has to behave well to continue to earn his money. I envy the position Baltimore is in. I hope they don't turn around and try to put a lot of signing bonuses in this deal to make him happy, because that's what Terrell Owens wants and that's not what he should have."

Sorry TO your not as smart as you think.

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The more I think about it..as a free agent the Eagles don't HAVE to sign T.O. He may want to go there, but it doesn't mean that they are obligated to offer him a deal.

I am not saying it won't happen, but I think a lot of people are set on him going to Philly.

They offered him a deal thinking the SF 49ers were going to trade him there. So TO and his agent worked out a contract, but the 9ers wanted more than Pinkston and a 5th. So they shopped him to Baltimore for a 2nd. I think TO wants to go to Philly because of a "supposedly" huge contract from Reid.

I wonder if that's where his anger is coming from. :lol:

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