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Montavious Stanley - Defensive Tackle

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Since my mocks are never very well recieved I've decided to do something different.

Over the next few months, I will posting highly detailed, personally written up profiles of players that the Bengals need to be looking at in the draft.

I will be updating players throughout the next 2 months, espeically with the Comine and Pro Days around the corner.

Montavious Stanley - DT - Louisville - Senior - 6-2/315


Projected Round: 6th (??)

Career Stats:

2002: 10 - 6/16, 2.5 TFLs, 1 FR.

2003: 21 - 16/37, 13 TFLs, 3 Sacks, 2 FRs.

2004: 19 - 11/20, 4.5 TFLs, 4 Sacks, 2 FRs, 2 FFs.

2005: 27 - 21/49, 10 TFLs, 6 Sacks, 1 PBU, 3 FRs, 1 FF.


2002: On/Off through 2nd of half season with turf toe.

Position Change:

- In 2002/2003 Stanley played at DEFENSIVE END.

- In 2004/2005 Stanley played at DEFENSIVE TACKLE.

- What is interesting about this is that Stanley put up better number in 2005 from his DT position than he did in 2003 from his DE position.

Other Sports:

- 3 years H.S. Letter winner in basketball

- 2 year contributor on the Track

- Much like Stacey Andrews, Stanley has a history of participating in the Shot-put and Discus competitions.

- Was ranked #3 in the region at conclusion of discus/shot-put career.


- Is a rare and special player because he can:

1. Shut down a teams run game.

2. Bring a great pass rush up the middle.

- This player deserves much more accolades than he is currently getting.

- Montavious IS the reason that ELVIS DUMERVIL (20 sacks in 2005) had such a tremendous season. Stanley took on many double teams that freed up Elvis.

- This player is a freak on his own, but also opens up possibilities for others when he’s on the field as well.

- Stanley is a physical and opposing presence on the football field.

- Almost impossible to block 1 on 1 and is VERY stout against the run.

- Stanley has a tremendous motor. Will go sideline to sideline if needed.

- Has a passion for the game, it shows by his hustle.

- Does a good job of staying low and keeping his leverage.

- Worked VERY hard to increase his stamina for the 2005 season. During that time he lost 7 pounds and was playing in 2005 with added stamina and quickness.

- Is a very personable, MATURE, and VERY COACHABLE player. Takes direction very well and does what is asked of him.

- Will NEVER cause off-field problems.


- Montavious is a marvel at DT who will be moving WAY up come draft day. Montavious is a player that not only produces himself, but with his dominating style of play he opens up possibilities for other players, such as he did with Dumervil. This player has nothing but upside and would be a TREMENDOUS addition to the Bengals at DT while replacing John Thornton.

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Stanley is one of those DT prospects that the Bengals should start looking at in the 5th round IMO. I'd put him in the group with Johnny Jolly, LeKevin Smith, and Steve Fifita with the exception that of those Jolly could be the best prospect of the bunch at RDT. Anthony Montgomery would be another. He looked much, much better as a junior than he did last year but still has some upside at RDT for the Bengals.

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LeKevin Smith is an amazing athlete. I read that even at 300 pounds, he's able to do a STANDING BACKFLIP. He's got shot-put and discus histories as well.

He's almost a clone of Stanley, just weighs less. Not the complete run stopping and pass rushing package MS is.

Smith and Stanley will definately be moving up to late day 1, early day 2 prospects, not late round guys. Ranking and round speculation before the combine is just crazy. So many people move up and down during that time.

I don't know about Jolly and Fifita.

Jolly has motivational, stamina issues and Fiftia is REALLY small.

I LOVE Montgomery and want him on The Bengals SO BADLY.

I do think we have a shot at him but unfortunately for AM he wasn't invited to the Senior bowl OR the combine.

He'll have to have have the best Pro Day any NFL propect has EVER had to get himself back into consideration for even a 7th rounder.

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The Official Utah Website lists Fifita as 6'0" 322 lbs. he Squats 675 and can bench 450

Link: http://utahutes.collegesports.com/sports/m...ta_steve00.html

How did Mike Patterson do this year? After all Patterson is 6'0" and 290 lbs. and while Fifita had slightly less tackles for loss than Patterson had his senior season, keep in mind that he plays in the Mountain West conference which has alot of big passing teams. I like Fifita alot I went back and watched him in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl, he was clearly the best defensive player on the field.

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