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"At my desk."


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OK, I happened to pop back to the bengals site and saw Hobson had updated the Jax/Graham story. "Cool," thought I, "maybe they have contract details." Alas, no. The update changed Marvin Lewis' comment about trading Kitna. Originally, it had Marvin saying that Kitna was not on the block and that no inquiries had been made about him. However, the updated graph has:

Lewis also said that quarterback Jon Kitna isn’t on the trading block and that he hadn’t received any inquiries “at my desk.”

Hmmmmmm... <_<

Observation o' BS #2: After reading that a couple times, my eyes went back to the sentence immediately prior to the one above, which was the same in the original story and the update:

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis couldn’t be reached for comment (regarding Jax and Graham) after introducing Tampa Bay middle linebacker Nate Webster and Rams safety Kim Herring as starters.

If Marvin couldn't be reached for comment...who told you to change what he had to say, Hobson? <_<:angry:

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Is ol' Hobs writing what he damn well pleases? Granted he's the lone ranger writing there...but that don't cut it!  <_<

Hobson writes what the Bengals want written (and when he writes it wrong, they have him "update" it as in the above example).

This just smacks of the Emperor to me, and to the bad old Imperial times of the 1990s. We've gotten the same old song and dance about the salary cap (oh we're so tight under, oh, oh, we can't afford anyone good...). We pass on the top FAs available and sign "sleepers" and "bargains." We let our kicker, Mr. Automatic, go into FA with a lowball tender and are now faced with having to sign him at, presumably, more than we (read: Mikey) would like. And the "update" shows the head coach avoiding comment on that issue, and forwarding inquiries on Kitna to some desk other than his.

I've been trying to stay positive, but something is rotten here...

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