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Diamond in the rough


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I just saw who was available. Darrell Russell ( Radiers ) This is a Low investment High reward DT. Surround him with the Lewis's staff and watch him tear up the opposing OL. I just think we need to take a chance on him. Because he is still young 6'6 305 DT thats quick. I know he got busted with weed on him but everyone makes mistakes. Worst case he dosen't pan out & we cut him. Can't be any worst than what Dillion put us thru this year.

I think he was a top 5 pick and has to be around 25 y/o came out of USC. I think sometimes you need to take a CHANCE.

Let me hear what you think

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This guy is a ticking bomb. He was arrested in suspicion of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. Russell was charged with 8 counts of rape by drugs, six counts of oral copulation; all were later dropped because prosecution couldn't produce a video tape that originally implicated Russell.

Russell also tested positive for Ecstasy along with weed. He's a repeat offender for the drug and substance abuse policy and has been suspended as such.

Marvin would definitely have to leave his opinion on character to think about signing him.

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I have to agree with Kirk on this one.. Although I would love to be able to line him up next to Thornton... He's just to risky to risk..

I watched his interview 2 years ago with Jim Rome and Rome was asking him, how come you didn't do this.. how come you didn't do that..?? The only responses were I don't know..?

He was asked.. what about the drugs ... how did you test positively 3 or more times... ? he said ....I don't know.. I don't take drugs...

Rome went to commercial....same thing we should do with the thought of Russell coming to town. :D

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