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Marcus Vick stomp

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Did anyone see Marcus Vick step on the back of Elvis' knee in the gator bowl? Apparently the officials didn't see it because it warranted ejection IMHO. I spent the rest of the game hoping Vick would have his head knocked off. :angry: Hopefully Coach Beamer will dismiss him for this latest incident. But I doubt it since rape, drug possession and another misdemeanor haven't lead to his dismissal. This kid is a no character loser. <_<

BTW Elvis looked pretty ordinary in the game.

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He got the boot from Va. Tech today. I am suprised they let him go. I wonder if an NFL team takes a chance on him? http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/foo...amer-vick_x.htm

WOW. :lmao: I didn't expect this. But it seems like the right thing to do.

Now when and who will draft him. I don't see an nfl quarterback when I look at him. I see mostly arse. But he does have athletecism which cannot be taught. So someone will draft him. Will it be before the sixth round?

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I', gonna go out on a limb and say the third round

I'll join you there. Marcus Vick is a much better passer now than his brother ever will be. He's not the runner his brother is but who is? Little Vick still runs with it well, though.

Given this year's QB class, I think you'd have to put Vick behind only Leinart, Omar Jacobs, and Jay Cutler for sure. But given Vick's apparent criminal nature, it's doubtful that a team will go too high for him.

Credit to Va Tech for being decisive in the matter. With how much of Vick's garbage they've already put up with, it would've been just been easier to slap him on the wrist and keep the team's best chance to be a contender for the national title next year in tact with Vick at QB.

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Troy Smith won't play in the pros?



I hate Ohio State, and I think he's good.

Smith is a bit short, and his throwing accurracy is a bit erratic. He has played better lately for sure, so we'll see how far he can go... But I too have my doubts about him and the NFL.

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Smith is gonna be a tough sell as a QB in the NFL.

We all know some team will take a flier on Vick, just because of his athletic ability and last name

Hell, even Adrain McPherson in on an NFL team. And I could see him(Vick) being a Billy Volek/Matt Schaub type backup. Not in style, but a reliable backup you have confidence putting in, as some fans and other teams wish he was starting

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