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Ran across this randomnly in a search, he's kept a blog since 2003 I believe, he's quite humorous and worth reading if you're bored. Not sure who's reading this exactly, but thought he deserved some pub.

Chargers' Fan's Sunday ramblings as he sits at a sports bar on the east coast

BTW he loves the Bengals' field painting and I thought this comment was funny about the KC game last Saturday:

Carson Palmer throws a deep ball to Chris Henry, who just seems to not really feel like catching it. He halfheartedly throws one arm up in the air, the other remaining comfortably at his side, and the ball drops harmlessly to the ground. He really just seemed to not give a f**k about catching that one.

Others won't like this comment, but it's pretty spot-on:

Chiefs get a quick INT, followed by another Larry Johnson score... He now has 137 yards and 2 TDs at the half. The Bengals... they're a decent team, but no one's going to win a Super Bowl, or even get close, with that kind of a run defense.
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Some of his comments from week 3 are worth noting also:

Before that game ends, though, the Steelers/Patriots game gets underway. Danks, of course, is a big Patriots fan, while nearly everyone else in the building loves the Steelers. I don't think there's the real possibility of any violence or anything, but one woman does frighten me. She's sitting behind Danks, she's wearing a Roethlisberger jersey, and she's very... Pittsburgh-ish. Looking at her from behind, I thought she was a dude. I think she just ordered a glass of grain alcohol and a straw. If anyone's going to murder Danks today, it's going to be her.

It seems like there's a long period of inactivity in the Steelers/Pats game. The only interesting thing that's happened in a while is that I've noticed the highlights in Ben Roethlisberger's hair. I've decided that it's either a sad attempt to get back Natalie Gulbis, or he's trying to fill the gay quarterback void that's existed in Pittsburgh since Kordell Stewart left.
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