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I'm to blame for the loss


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I'm not usually too superstitious, but for this I now am. This kinda carries over from last year, but I didn't really think it was true until today. I have now worn some type of Bengal gear 4 times this season during the game. Yes all four times have been losses for the Bengals. I can wear Bengals gear all week just as long as I don't the day of the game or they lose. It may just be a coincidence, but probably not.

I'm the bad luck guy. I hereby announce I will not be wearing Bengals gear during the playoffs on gameday.

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That sounds like a good choice! :P

I had my own good luck streak going coming into this season. Every time I had gone to see a Bengals, Reds, or Buckeyes game, my team came out on top.

This year I went to two Bengals games, Indy and Buffalo. I guess a new streak has started. <_<

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