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Check out Chris Perry blocking tonite.


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the 9PM showing of the Bengals and Steelers on NFL.com will no doubt be watched for many reasons outside of just the enjoyment wathcing the team beat them again..

Id like to point out Chris Perry picking up the blitz on the Bengals second and third touchdowns..

he did a great job and it helped lead to those TD"S..

Sometimes things other than throw and catch are overlooked on passing TD's..

I remember when the word on Perry was he'd have to pickup blitzes better to play more ..

He's learned his lessons well...

There's allot to his overall game now....

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He did get props for this from someone, maybe on nfl.com, I don't remember where I read it. But it was good to read since blitz pickup had been one of his weaknesses early. No matter how you feel about him or Rudi, having two starting-caliber backs is a good thing.

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Perry had two potential huge catches last week tipped on 3rd downs also.

He's a great weapon that's really not used quite enough still, but can't complain as long as they win.

You're right. He hasn't bitched about it, but he does seem to get frustrated as hell sometimes. When those two balls were tipped he kinda seemed pissed. He slammed his hand on the ground. I don't think we will have any problems with him though, Marvin will take care of it, but I do want to see him touch the ball more.

Maybe we can lock up a spot by week 17 so he can play like a full game. It would be nice to see how he'd do carrying the rock 20 or times.

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