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Rudi on the radio


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I just caught Rudi Johnson on the ESPN Radio's Gary Miller/DeMarco Farr Big Show. It's Los Angeles based so roughly half of the questions Rudi was asked were about Carson Palmer. The other half were about Chad. :P


Rudi stated that Carson Palmer's progress last season was instrumental in his desire to remain a Bengal. When asked point blank if Carson was "special" Rudi said definately, calling him "our general" and the undisputed leader of the offense and the huddle.

Rudi surprised me by stating that the single greatest reason for Palmer's breakthrough season was his weight loss that led to better stamina, greater strength, and increased mobility within the pocket.

He knows of no players within the Bengals locker who have a problem with Chad's high profile, and said bluntly..."That's my boy. Whatever he says he knows I've got his back and we all do our best to back his boasts."

He stated that all of the Bengals have geared up for a playoff rematch against Indy. "We've got 'em circled. That's who we want." Asked what the Bengals had learned from the Colt game Rudi said they learned they don't have to play a perfect game, but they can't afford to make errors on the big plays they have planned for because the Colts defense won't give them 2nd chances.

He claimed that the Bengal offensive players have complete confidence in the defense, and believe it will carry them through the end of the regular season. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers is all they hear about in meetings.

They closed with some talk about college ball. Rudi claimed that Carson gains confidence and swagger with each USC win while he counters Palmers bragging with a claim that USC wouldn't have gotten past Auburn last season had the two teams played. Then they all had a laugh thinking about how far the University of Washington has fallen. (DeMarco played there.) Last, Miller made Rudi promise that he'd tell Chad that he and DeMarco both considered Rudi to be a better interview subject.

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