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No one probably cares but


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Did you accept or decline?

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The only thing that I dont like, he is a Ravens fan.

And he has too many nudity posters in his apartment. But, I can change that.

1. Being a Ravens' fan he will be sad and twisted with a warped perspective on life - ditch him now before it's too late. It won't be fair on the kids!!!!

2. jesus, woman! You ain't married the guy yet and already you're planning on changing things - this will only lead to future misery, ditch him now before it's too late.

3. I think you need to live a little - perhaps a spell of debauchery in a Scottish village would help!

Seriously though, Congratulations - I hope things work out very well for you both. When's the happy day?

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Around the summer. We havent set a date yet. But, we want it when he is done with school.

Guys are easy to change. And I have lived enough. I have done many things I seriously regret. Things you probably couldnt do in a Scottish Village. And even though he is a Ravens fan, it might spice things up a little bit.

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As far as him being a Ravens fan, hey, at least its not as bad as this one kids I know at school........BUCKEYES/WOLVERINES couple :o (Doesn't even matter who's who)

Reminds me of that ESPN commercial.....blegh.

As for me, I can't picture getting married....

I'm chopped liver. :lol:

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