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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

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2 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

In looking at the guys still available, here's what I would like to see.

Hernandez would have to be a consideration due to the fact he's a first round talent and would still start over most of the guys we currently have.
Connor Williams would be an immediate starter at RT, but I am a little cautious about his injuries.
Justin Reid would become an immediate starter at Safety, but they wouldn't need to rush him either.
Harrison Phillips would be at least an equal addition to the DT spot and they need depth there.
Josh Jackson was actually named best DB in the Big 10, which included Denzel Ward who went #4.

Just speaking for myself, I think I would like Justin Reid with their pick in the 2nd round.
After that, I would like to see them trade back up into the 2nd and agree with TJ here in OT Orlando Brown for our RT position.
From there they've made a 3 starter impact and could still add solid players the rest of the way.


I think you should be in charge of the draft today.  I like this plan a lot.


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I may be retired, but I'm still a Soldier.  That being said, I possess none of those skills.
The best I could do is "Break" into the draft room, come bearing alcohol which would help with said sedation, do my best alcoholic Mike Brown impression (see alcoholic beverages) and more than likely take a punter (see alcoholic beverages).

While it's well documented that I never like Shawn Williams, my take on safety is strictly from the Bengals attempt to bring in Coleman, who went to the Saints.
He would have immediately became the starter and with both Iloka and Williams under contract through 2020, someone on the coaching staff isn't happy with one or the other.
They brought in the other Reid during free agency and we know how that went.  Both of those seem to be telling from my standpoint or I wouldn't bother with the younger Reid with our upcoming pick.

I still think if they truly want to ensure they get a RT they either take one now, which most would call a reach, or will have to trade back into the 2nd to get one.
The way I read that is Connor Williams now or trade back up to get Orlando Brown at the bottom of the 2nd.  Someone will take him at the top of the 3rd.
Tape doesn't lie and that dude didn't give up a sack all season if I remember correctly.

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As long as the punter you select in R2 can do his own long snapping, ie he is so fast he can receive his own long snap, SoaG will be fine with that pick in R2.

and wait....you do have army MEDICAL training, right? if not, what kind of training did you do, son?


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While I had been a paramedic and nurse for the better portion of my 21 years in the Army, I no longer do that stuff.
The 15 months in Afghanistan and being around more death than one person should ever see cured me of my passion for medicine.
I went back and completed my undergraduate and graduate education in organizational leadership.  GO XAVIER !!!
I'm now an Administrative Officer at the Cincinnati VA and my medical background comes in quite handy.
Still serving by caring for my fellow Veterans !!!

That being said, Stripes is one of my all time favorites !!!

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Looking through the remaining players heading into Day Three, the lone remaining player that carried a first round grade is Maurice Hurst who has clearly not been ok'd by the doctors as was reported....it would not surprise me to see him fall out of the draft all together at this point.  I have modified the Value Chart to keep track of the players that are still available.

There are a few second rounders still available.  

  • Marcell Ateman - WR - Oklahoma State...knew I was too high on this guy.  He and Rasheem Green have been my two greatest mistakes.
  • Ian Thomas - TE - Indiana
  • Duke Ejiofor - DE - Wake Forest
  • Ogbonnia Okorokwo - OLB - Oklahoma
  • Josey Jewell - MLB - Iowa -----Cannot believe this guy fell past the third round, someone is going to get a huge steal.
  • Anthony Averett - CB - Alabama

Here are the third rounders still hanging around that will provide value.  Herc Mata A'fa is one of my favorite players and of course Shaq Griffin....

  • Luke Faulk - QB - Wash. St.
  • Mike White - QB - Western Kentucky
  • Jaleel Scott - WR - New Mexico St.
  • Auden Tate - WR - Florida St.
  • Troy Fumagalli - TE - Wisconsin
  • Chris Herndon IV - TE - Miami (FLA)
  • Kalen Ballage - RB - Arizona State
  • Colby Gossett - G - Appalachian St.
  • Tyrell Crosby - RT - Oregon ----My target for the Bengals in Rd. 4
  • Tim Settle - DT - Virginia Tech
  • Andrew Brown - DT - Virginia
  • Shaquem Griffin - OLB - Central Florida
  • Hercules Mata A'fa - MLB - Washington St.
  • Jordan Whitehead - S - Pittsburgh
  • Troy Apke - S - Penn St.
  • Nick Nelson - CB - Wisconsin ------Hurt his knee in workouts for teams which is pushing his value down   expect him to go in the 5th.
  • Holton Hill - CB - Texas

2018 NFL Draft Value Chart.xlsx

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