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BZ FFL Standings After Week #12


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The playoff spots began to be set this weekend with Wraith's Wreakers and The Bouncing TaTa's clinching the top two spots. The next weekend will sort out the rest of them. Hellmutts and CombatBengal have the inside track while the rest of us are left scrambling. Good luck next weekend boys!

Division 1

*2. The Bouncing TaTa's 8-4-0

3. Hellmutts 7-5-0

4. CombatBengal 7-5-0

7. Skyline Chilis 6-6-0

9. Bengals44 6-6-0

12. Kevnz Krushers 0-12-0

Division 2

*1. Wraith's Wreakers 9-3-0

5. Danimals Animals 7-5-0

6. Billy's Bad Boys 6-6-0

8. 57deg 20min North 6-6-0

10. BengalPimp 6-6-0

11. UK Bengals 4-8-0

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Damn tight. 8 of 12 guys with 6 or 7 wins. And of course it's me v. Combat again this week.

Oh, and skyline loves him some Cam this morning, I think.

Haha yeah...he FINALLY came through after what...an entire season of disappointment? He's single-handedly caused me to have the worst fantasy football season of my life :P/>

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