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BZ FFL Standings After Week #10

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Well, I don't think I'm making the playoffs this year! :rolleyes: This season looks to belong to either the Tata's or the Wreakers.

Division 1

2. The Bouncing TaTa's 7-3-0

4. CombatBengal 6-4-0

6. Bengals44 6-4-0

9. Hellmutts 5-5-0

10. Skyline Chilis 4-6-0

12. Kevnz Krushers 0-10-0

Division 2

1. Wraith's Wreakers 7-3-0

3. 57deg 20min North 6-4-0

5. BengalPimp 6-4-0

7. Danimals Animals 6-4-0

8. Billy's Bad Boys 5-5-0

11. UK Bengals 2-8-0

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