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Reds vs. Padres


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I love how the team looks for the long haul of the season and really think they will be right there come seasons end.

They seem to just have a little more experience and the young guys are really coming along.

I'm also really looking forward to how things come along with some of the pitchers that have been dealing with injuries.

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Well, Volquez only gave up two runs in the first inning.

It appears impossible for him to escape the 1st inning unscathed, but to his credit he settles down and pitches well in later innings.

Reds take a 3-2 lead after a Heisey 2 run shot (and a solo shot by Gomes last inning) in the 5th.

You can't say this team isn't exciting! :sure:

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You have to lvoe the production they are getting from so many different players.

They just plug a guy in and POW, you see homeruns, solid hitting, and good defense.

They still have a lot of talent in the minors as well.

How many d*mn catchers does this team have by the way ??

Like 4 potential major league catchers.

LeCure is pitching in tonights game and I'm hoping to see another win !!!

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If Volquez eats dirt in the first inning again, especially against one of the slowest-starting offenses in baseball

Is it just me or would none of those SD Padres crack our starting lineup?

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