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Tickets prices on hold for 2011


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The Bengals today announced that ticket prices for the 2011 season at Paul Brown Stadium will not be increased from their 2010 levels.

This marks the second time in the last three years that prices have not increased. The Bengals season ticket pricing schedule for 2011 is as follows:


Zone EE (North End Zone, Club Level) $60

Zone J (Corners, Canopy Level) $60

Zones F, G, H (Sidelines, Canopy Level) $68

Zones D, E (Corners / End Zone, Field Level) $72

Zones A, B, C (Sidelines, Field Level) $80

Zone CC (Convertible Club, Club Level) $80

Ticket packs and/or single-game tickets are not available at this time. Information on their availability is expected in spring and/or early summer.

The NFL will not announce dates and kickoff times for all 2011 games until the spring.

Like season tickets, single-game tickets and ticket packs will not be raised in price from their 2010 levels.

Though dates and kickoff times have not been set, it is known that the Bengals' 2011 regular season schedule will feature home games against division rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, along with non-division games against the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers.


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Yeah, I get the sense that there are a lot of us at the breaking point. The ones that are season ticket holders get the first crack after Carson at making their discontent known. Non-renewals, ftw.

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Prior to moving back to Cincinnati, I couldn't wait to get season tickets.

Now that I'm back, I can't wait to cut the lawn this fall.

The upcoming mowing season is looking pretty challenging.

I've got some downward slants, some gravel to get up, and some uneven spots to contend with.

I'm looking to draft a new mower and weed eater to get it done though.


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I wrote the check, filled out the sheet to move sections (closer to the middle), put it in an envelope with a stamp..... and it's sitting on my table. That's where it will sit until I get some idea as to what I want to do. The losing season I could do, but no more Carson is a hell of a hit to take. Reds season tickets look better each time I think about them.

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