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Stuff Happens or Harbinger of Doom?


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It seems we're all agreed that the Bengals stank like the carcass of a coyote rotting in the desert sun yesterday in Tempe. Now for the question lurking in the dark depths of every Bengal fan's soul: Was yesterday's disturbing loss just one of those games, or was it the beginning of the end?

By "one of those games," I mean that every year, even the best of teams have one or two games where they inexplicably transform into Gargamels and get beaten by Smurfs. Was yesterday one of "those days" for the Bengals, from which they'll bounce back...or...

Was yesterday the beginning of the end? The fear can't be denied, it's happened too often. Are the Cincinnati Bungals, Laughingstock of the NFL (registered trademark of Mike Brown Enterprises, Inc., all rights reserved) about to re-emerge and rip off another fanbase-destroying six- or seven- or eight-game losing streak?

I, with fingers crossed, am voting for "one of those games."

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It's just one of those games. The Bengals this year are a work in progress. New players, new defense, new expectations, new way of doing things. I still firmly believe the Bengals have a shot at the playoffs, but if they don't make it my heart won't break. The bottom line is these Bengals still are learning, and have a lot of growing to do. Even in a loss they don't seem like the Bengals of the past...Also, one other thing to note about these Bengals, 4 losses this year have been by a touchdown or less, so that shows that they are close, and the usual pattern for a rebuilding team is in the first year to lose the close games, but in the second year to start winning the close games. It's a learning process.


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