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Henry Talks The Talk.


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Now lets see him walk the walk. Personally I think he can do it, but if he doesn't, my Fantasy teams are going to get pounded! ^_^ From the Dayton Daily News:

Bengals’ Henry wants to repay owner with wins

By Carlos “Big C” Holmes, Staff Writer

In the past, the name Chris Henry has been synonymous with things of the negative nature, but heading into the 2009 season it has been nothing but positive.

Fans breathed a sigh of relief as Henry made it through training camp and preseason without incident. The fifth-year receiver has been a model citizen for the Cincinnati Bengals and his career appears set to take off.

During the preseason Henry showed signs of being the dominant player the team thought he could be when drafting him in 2005. Henry caught a touchdown pass in every preseason game and led the team in receiving with 224 yards and four touchdowns. More amazing is that he accomplished the feat despite limited playing time after game two against New England, which further establishes his dominance.

The Bengals open the season at home in Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, September, 13 against the Denver Broncos. This could be a new beginning for the once-troubled Henry who is preparing for a breakout season.

“I’m trying to be at my best every day,” Henry said during a recent phone interview. “I’m working towards the Denver game so I can go out there and help this team get our first victory. The team is counting on me and I want to contribute the way I know how. I’m looking to make an impact this season and believe teams will have their hands full when facing our receiving corps.”

Opening up?

Chad Ochocinco will command a double-team from any defense in the league and that should open things up for Henry and others to make plays. Opponents will be asking for trouble trying to match-up their No. 2 and 3 cornerbacks against Henry in single coverage.

Knowing the opportunities that will be presented to him this season, Henry worked hard over the course of the offseason to improve certain areas of his game.

“Running after the catch has to be big for me,” he said. “When you’re doing things like that it will get you in the end zone more. That’s the thing that Larry Fitzgerald does. Getting up the field is big and I’m trying to work on that part of my game. Bottom line — I’m looking for pay dirt.”

The key to Henry’s success this season is staying humble and not getting caught up in the hype. He plays with a lot of emotions and must better control those emotions while on the playing field. With Henry more involved in the offense the team is hoping that the receiver can reach his full potential this season.

Happy in Cincy

Henry is in the final year of a 2-year contract, making him a free-agent at the end of the ’09 season. The receiver will be auditioning for all 32 teams this season, but his heart is with the Bengals.

“I would love to finish my career in Cincinnati,” Henry said. “Hopefully, when the time comes we can get something worked out where it could be like that.

“My performance this year is for the team, my family, fans, and most definitely Mike Brown. If not for him, none of this would be possible. He took a chance on me when no one else would and because of that I have a lot of respect for him. I thank him every chance I get. The way to repay him is by staying out of trouble and helping this team win games.

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I'll simply say like most of us have always said and that is if Henry can keep himself out of trouble and get out of his own way, he will be a VERY good WR in this league. Here's to hoping this is the season he finally realizes all of his potential and the Bengals finally benefit from having him on the team.

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That was a good read, thanks Billy. I feel like he could be a big part of the offense this year, and if the 3rd string corner has to cover him he will beat that corner on every play. I cant wait.

Thank the writer Carlos. I just echoed his comments here.

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I hope he has his s**t together cause we're going to need him this season. I don't know what to expect out of this team yet, but I'm excited for the season to start.

T-minus 18 hours away. Been waiting for this for a long time! :bengal:

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