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Fedor vs Barnett is off


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Glad to see Lashley turn down the fight because I'd like to see him get more experience before he does a huge show like that.

Affliction scrambles after Barnett flunks test

By Dave Meltzer, Yahoo! Sports 9 hours, 45 minutes ago


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Yahoo! Sports

A positive drug test sample by Josh Barnett has left the Affliction promotion scrambling for a replacement to face Fedor Emelianenko in the main event of the company’s Aug. 1 fight card from the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

Barnett and Affliction promoter Tom Atencio confirmed both the positive result to the California State Athletic Commission-administered test and that Barnett is off the card.

Barnett’s test came back positive for the metabolite 2a-methyl-5a-androstan-3a-ol-17-one, which is contained in the anabolic steroid Drostanolone, also known as Masteron. The steroid is normally used by athletes who are attempting to maintain strength while cutting weight, which makes it a strange choice for someone competing in the heavyweight division.


Barnett said he wanted to keep quiet as he prepares an appeal, and had nothing negative to say about the testing procedure.

“It’s not a big conspiracy,” said Barnett, who had a previous positive banned substance test result on his record.

Atencio said the show will go on as scheduled, and that Emelianenko has agreed to face any potential opponent. Yahoo! Sports has been able to confirm the company has had talks over the past day with Brett Rogers, Vitor Belfort and Bobby Lashley.

Barnett (24-5) said he first got word of the results of his June 25 test on Tuesday night, and spoke with the commission about it on Wednesday. “It’s as terrible a thing as can happen right now,” he said.

While denying using steroids, Barnett said he was not in the dark as to why he tested positive. “I have a pretty good idea,” he said. “I’m not really going to talk about it now.” Atencio said he believed the commission was waiting for the result of Barnett’s “B” sample to come back from the World Anti-Doping Agency lab at UCLA after the “A” sample came out positive before releasing a public statement. Potential punishment will not be determined until after the second sample is returned.

“The license of Josh Barnett was denied pursuant to rule 303 of Title IV of the California Code of Regulations,” stated CSAC interim executive officer Dave Thornton. “That rule prohibits the use of certain substances, including anabolic agents, by any boxer or MMA fighter.” If the second sample comes out negative, there is still a chance Barnett could be cleared to fight, but Atencio is going forward with the idea of needing to get a new opponent, but no deal has been completed yet.

“Until I have a contract signed, it’s all rumors,” said Atencio. “Negotiations are negotiations. Until I get the contract, nothing’s done.”

Atencio said at a Wednesday afternoon press conference that he had spoken with multiple fighters, but didn’t want to mention any names until a contract was signed. He did admit talking with Strikeforce about a possible replacement also.

“Right now I’ve got three people I’m negotiating with,” he said. “Everything is going to be fine. I’m not even worried about it.”

Barnett was previously suspended by the state of Nevada for testing positive for the drug Boldenone, a veterinary steroid, after defeating Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 36 on March 22, 2002. He went into pro wrestling in Japan during his suspension, then competed in MMA for the next several years also in Japan, where fighters are not tested for performance enhancers.

Barnett, who never admitted to using steroids after his 2002 positive, noted that previous appeals on steroid tests before California commission have not resulted in the test results being overturned. “I know how it turns out,” the Seattle native said. “I just hope it’s not as bad as it could be.” Although Barnett has not beaten a top-10 ranked fighter since a decision win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira three years ago, he has been ranked between Nos. 2-5 at heavyweight in most polls and was considered Emelianenko’s toughest remaining test outside the UFC.

Multiple sources have indicated Affliction is dangling a $500,000 payday to potential Barnett replacements.

Rogers (10-0), coming off a knockout of former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski in just 22 seconds on June 4 in St. Louis, is said to be a prime candidate. Rogers’ manager, Ken Pavia, confirmed his willingness to take the fight, but because Rogers is under contract to Strikeforce, he would have to be given clearance by both Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker and Showtime.

At press time, Coker, vacationing in Italy, was said to be aware of the situation, but that Showtime had not given clearance to the fight. A potential holdup is that Rogers could be a possible replacement for Alistair Overeem, Strikeforce’s heavyweight champion, who pulled out of his scheduled Aug. 15 title defense in San Jose against Fabricio Werdum.

Belfort (18-8) is scheduled to face Jorge Santiago on the Aug. 1 show as a middleweight. Picking Belfort, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, as the opponent would be met with controversy because of the size disparity. Without having to cut weight, Belfort would likely fight at around 210 pounds, maybe 20 pounds or so less than Emelianenko would be expected to weigh in at. If Belfort fought Emelianenko, the company would have to either find a new opponent for Santiago or scratch him from the show.

Lashley (4-0), who because of his notoriety as a pro wrestler would garner the most attention and result in the most pay-per-view buys of any of the opponents being mentioned, has turned down the fight according to sources at his American Top Team camp. But others involved in the negotiations believe Lashley is not a dead deal and would take the fight if more money was offered.

The ATT’s Dan Lambert stated that while the original money offer was great, it was too early in Lashley’s career to take the fight and that a year from now, with the right preparation, the answer would be different. He said the camp instead would like to get the more experienced Jeff Monson into the fight.

“If it was a guy making $30,000 a year, my advice would have been different,” said Lambert. “Bobby is lucky enough that if he continues to progress, he’ll be making paydays like that in the sport.”

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Good read.

I agree Lashley should not fight Fedor yet since he is considered one of, if not the best, heavyweight fighter in the world right now.

Give Lashley about 3 or 4 real good fights, maybe against Arlovsky, or Barnett. You'll get a much better fight.

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Ya I'd like see him get another year then start aiming for big fights it's shame he's just now getting in to MMA since he's 34...

Seems like Affliction is a dead man walking,Fedor was shocked when told the show was canceled being he didn't find out till he was at Airport with 34 other people who were going to the fight...Then it looks like Tito will be returning the UFC which makes me happy even though he's douchebag I like guys with character vs robots.

Affliction Cancellation Blindsides Fedor

By Brian Knapp (bknapp@sherdog.com)

Saturday, July 25 11:16 am PT: Fedor Emelianenko, the world’s premier heavyweight mixed martial artist, was blindsided when he stepped off a plane in Los Angeles on Friday, greeted by the news that Affliction “Trilogy” had been axed.

According to news release from M-1 Global, the Emelianenko affiliate and Affliction Entertainment partner, news of the show’s demise caught the company by complete surprise. Emelianenko, Red Devil Sport Club teammate Mikhail Zayats and a traveling party of 35 others from Russia -- including Emelianenko’s trainers, friends, family and M-1 support personnel -- boarded their plane for Los Angeles believing “Trilogy” would go forward as planned.

Emelianenko was originally booked to meet Josh Barnett in the main event, but the American was denied a license from the California State Athletic Commission after he failed a pre-fight drug test.

“Fedor did not learn of the cancellation until arriving at the airport,” the release said. “Following the California State Athletic Commission’s decision not to license Josh Barnett earlier in the week, M-1 Global was confident that a suitable replacement would be found. Fedor was ready, willing and able to compete against whomever Affliction determined was the most qualified candidate amongst an extensive list of potential replacements.”

M-1 Global vowed to help fill the void created by Affliction’s exit from the promotional scene. It will launch its “Breakthrough” fight series on Aug. 28 in Los Angeles with an event headlined by a match pairing Muhammed Lawal with MMA legend Don Frye.

Ortiz’s UFC Return Looks Imminent

By Brian Knapp (bknapp@sherdog.com)

Saturday, July 25 8:25 am PT: All indications point to a Tito Ortiz return to the UFC.

UFC President Dana White stoked the flames of speculation on Friday with a post on his Twitter account, which ended with an “Oh yea, and welcome back Tito.” Still, the outspoken UFC executive remained noncommittal about Ortiz’s return to the promotion during an interview on ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas.

“Tito and I have been talking, and we’ve been trying to figure some things out,” White said. “I’ve said many times that Tito and I have issues. It’s a possibility.”

Once the face of the UFC, Ortiz (15-6-1) has not competed since he dropped a unanimous decision to reigning light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida at UFC 84 in May 2008. The 34-year-old Californian has not won a fight since he stopped UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock on strikes in October 2006. Still, he counts victories against Wanderlei Silva, Vladimir Matyushenko, Vitor Belfort and Forrest Griffin among his 15 career wins.

“Tito just had major back surgery,” White said. “He feels good. We’ll see if he can come back.”

White Talks Affliction, Ortiz on ESPN Radio

By Jake Rossen (jrossen@sherdog.com)

Saturday, July 25 12:00 am PT: Dana White appeared on ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas Friday evening with host Steve Cofield. You can guess what was discussed -- though White was evasive on specifics.

On the subject of Affliction closing its promotional hatches and returning as a UFC sponsor: “Affliction hasn’t made any real announcement yet…I’ve said this for a long time, they’re good at making clothes, not [being in] the fight business. That’s what we do. We’ll see what happens…There’s going to be a lot of interesting things happening over the next few weeks.”

On White’s own -- and God help me for even typing this word -- “Tweet” on Tito Ortiz re-signing with the UFC: “Tito and I have been talking….it’s a possibility.”

Continue Reading » White Talks Affliction, Ortiz on ESPN Radio White Talks Affliction, Ortiz on ESPN Radio

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Multiple sources have indicated Affliction is dangling a $500,000 payday to potential Barnett replacements.

I'll do it. I don't even need a tuneup fight, I'm ready right now. And as long as ridiculous amounts of hamburger helper won't show up on the drug test, I'm good there as well.

Half a million to trade with this Russian guy? I figure ten grand for emergency room assistance the night of the fight, probably 70 grand or so for a plastic surgeon to reconstruct my face, then another 100 grand for a few weeks in the hospital to recuperate. Frankly, I could use a little rest anyway. That nets me 310 thousand bucks. I'm not even going to call Dana to force Affliction into a bidding war for my services, that's just not how I do it. Also, beware that my Bengalszone posts may make even less sense than normal for a few months after the fight, but I'm sure I'll be back to normal (50% lucid) in no time. Wish me luck!

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Seems like Fedor will only come to the UFC if they co promote M1....Ya let's give away half of the money we earn away just to sign Fedor...

I say Fedor & Vadim Finkelstein can Ferk off,I wanna see him fight in the UFC but M1 can go kill off another show who is dumb enough to co promote...

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