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Anyone see this?


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Five Questions with Bengals tailback Corey Dillon

1. What's your favorite movie?

Menace to Society

2. What's your favorite song?

Tired of Being Stepped On (The Clique)

3. Who's your favorite Actor?

Samuel L. Jackson

4. What's your favorite snack?

Gummy Bears

5. What's your favorite stadium?

Texas Stadium (Cowboys)

— Chick Ludwig

This is from the Dayton Daily News.

Favorite stadium is Texas Stadium? Is he trying to get Parcells to make a trade for him in the offseason?

A little message there in his favorite song?

I'd love to see Dillon play out his career here in Cincy, but if he doesn't want to be here we should be able to get something for him in the offseason.

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Strange how Dillon will always talk to Ludwig. Ludwig pretty much calls them as he sees them, and its not always nice.

I think this is typical Dillon using the media to 1) get attention & 2) keep his name and the possibility of a trade in the news. He just likes to have people talk about him. I think Dillon has shown time and again that he jukes and feints as much in the papers as he does on the field. Here lately, its been more in the papers than on the field.

I had thought that a couple of coach Lewis' comments last Sunday would spark some discussion.

"Called me in a panic" and " You take care of things there and don't worry about us. We'll be fine." Dillons ego won't appreciate being portrayed as being " in a panic". " Don't worry about us. We'll be fine" could easily be taken as a response to Dillons maybe I'll be here, and maybe I won't. In that respect, I think they both use the media to send messages to each other.

In the end, Dillon may find out that what he does or doesn't want won't figure into him staying or leaving as much as what coach Lewis feels will be better of the team.

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face it.. we need dillon if the bengals are to make a playoff run this season... even if the bengals don't make the playoffs, i consider the team to be headed in the right direction under Coach Lewis, who is proving to us that defense wins games. Coach Lewis might have another head case in Chad JOhnson, but that's why Lewis gets the big bucks to be the head coach -- he gets paid to coach and gets paid to be a shrink for all these head cases, dillon included. :ph34r:

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