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Larson, Plackemeier Cut


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I am rather enjoying the new cutthroat bengals. Don't mess around with the pretense of a battle, get on with it. I likey.

I agree, it is about time for sumthin cutthroat outta this franchise, like Levi is done with us regardless of what he does, I just hope we don't cut Dhani! He is a gr8 vet, teammate, and person...he is Keith Rivers' mentor and can teach Rey Maualuga how to play MLB.

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The Bengals cut Kyle Larson and Ryan Plackemeier, leaving only Kevin Huber , their 5th round selection at punter.

I think that this was a very bad idea.

I know why they did it ,so that , these two guys can catch on with another team.

Both guys cut are NFL caliber Punters that should have been kept at least up when cut downs start and then one sould have been kept to the next to last cut.

Who knows, maybe they could have picked up a draft choice if someone else's punter went down.

There is always the chance that Huber gets hurt, pulls a muscle, or just sucks and does not make it to opening day.

Then what do you do?

And what about competition for a roster spot?

What about Huber having to do ALL of the punting at camp, isnt there a greater chance that he will get hurt?-or over worked?

They do alot of punting when they are working on special teams.

I know that they love this guy but, do you cut all of competition BEFORE camp and take the chance he gets hurt or isnt what you thought he was?



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I love it!

This allows Simmons to concentrate on working with Huber exclusively this year and during camps, which should do wonders in accelerating his adjustment to the NFL. I don't know why more teams don't make these types of moves. There is always an abundance of average punters like Larson and Plack. For what he does, what he's had to work with and his track record in Cincinnati, Simmons is one of the better position coaches on the Bengals.

The other positive is it allows the Bengals to carry at least one (and maybe two) players deeper into training camp which is important in the Bengals needing to evaluate all of the new additions to the roster.

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