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Your 2010 Comp Pick Scorecard v2


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Note1: Signing free agents who were on your own team at the end of the previous season does not impact comp picks (ala Cedric Benson and Chris Crocker)

Note2: Max of 4 comp picks can be awarded to any one team

Note3: The value of the comp pick is determined primarily by the per-season average of the contract signed

Note4: Restricted free agents are not counted towards comp picks


Gain 4th round pick for loss of OT Stacey Andrews

Gain 7th round pick for loss of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (2m avg)

Gain 3rd round pick for loss of WR TJ Housmanzadeh

Lose 4th round pick for signing WR Laveranues Coles (Andrews and Coles cancel out)

Lose 7th round pick for signing QB JT O'Sullivan (2m avg)

Gain 7th round pick (very iffy) for loss of LB Corey Mays

bottom line guess

1-3rd round pick

1-7th round pick

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I was unable to edit the original topic any more - I guess after a certain period of time edits are no longer allowed - so I opened this new one instead

Also, I am guessing that Corey Mays signed a fairly low dollar contract, but until the per year average dollars is known, the 7th round award is a pure guess on my part, and really, probably less than 50% likely. I'll edit that when the contract terms are disclosed.

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Now that we've got the mandatory maniacal ravings interlude out of the way (thanks WCA!) here's some info about 2009

I saw this pointed out by CTrent yesterday and decided to mention it today. A fellow who has had a good track record for a few year predicting compensatory picks has his prediction for this year out


To sum, he thinks the Bengals will earn 3 picks: 1 r3 or r4, 1 r6 or r7, and a r7

I think it will be more like 1 r3 and a r6 or r7 - two picks total

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I considered mentioning earlier in the thread the slight chance the Bengals get a late round comp pick for Alex Stepanovich, but due to the complete lack of info found on what needed to happen I decided not to mention anything. Good thing too, because the answers finally provided are messy.

From the link....

"The most difficult part about projecting the comp picks is determining all of the cutoff points – the minimum value needed to qualify and the value ranges for the comp picks in each round of the draft. The comp picks awarded in previous years suggest that the cutoff points increase each year by a small percentage – approximately the same percentage by which the leaguewide salary cap increases. From 2007 to 2008, the cap went up 6.96 percent, so I used a 7 percent increase when estimating the cutoff points for this year’s comp picks.

Last year, the lowest-paid player who is known to have qualified for the NFL’s comp equation was Michael Myers, who signed for $825,000 per season and saw significant playing time. The highest-paid player who is known to have not qualified was Mike Doss, who signed for $900,000 per season by saw very little playing time except on special teams. The non-qualifying player with the highest value using the compensatory formula was Chris Liwienski, who signed for $740,000 per season and played almost 90 percent of his team’s offensive snaps. This year, only one player was “on the bubble” for qualifying – Tony Richardson, who left the Vikings and signed with the Jets for $860,000 per season. However, regardless of whether Richardson qualifies, the Vikings and the Jets each signed more qualifying players than they lost, which means Richardson doesn’t affect the comp picks at all.

I’m fairly confident that the players I consider a little “above the bubble” this year (Terry Cousin, Keydrick Vincent and Danny Clark) will qualify for the equation, and that the players I consider slightly “below the bubble” (Alex Stepanovich and Aaron Glenn), will not qualify. The lowest-valued player “above the bubble,” Danny Clark, has a value in the formula that is more than 20 percent higher than that of last year’s lowest-valued qualifying player. And the highest-valued player “below the bubble,” Alex Stepanovich, has a value that is less than that of the lowest-valued qualifying player last year (Michael Myers) and less than 1 percent more than the highest-valued non-qualifying player last year (Chris Liwienski). If I’m wrong about any of those players, it will represent by far the largest or smallest increase in the minimum value needed to qualify that the NFL has used since comp picks were first awarded."

Later, the writer adds...

"If Alex Stepanovich does qualify as a player lost by Cincinnati, the Bengals would receive a seventh-round comp pick for him, between Jacksonville’s comp pick for Terry Cousin and Detroit’s net-value comp pick, and Kansas City would not get a non-compensatory pick at the end of the seventh round."

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