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Bengals Only Mock


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Alright, here's a few things to take into consideration... Obviously our activity or lack thereof in free agency has an impact on where they go, but I'm gonna assume a center is signed in free agency, just so I can worry about other stuff. I base this on absolutely nothing, but hey, makes it easier for me. I'm also making it Bengals only to save myself a lot of work in doing fantasy projections and it also keeps me from having to justify making certain players slip much further than they probably will. Also, if we take Beanie Wells, I'll kill myself.

1. Rey Maualuga, MLB, USC

I'm a huge fan of defense, and would much rather be an AFC North style team than one who scores a whole buncha points and gives up a s**tton of points. Playing Rey and Rivers together would give the defense a nasty identity that we need in the division, and with a few more defensive upgrades, like a serious rush end, which still isn't there, this defense could be scary. I think Rey is a Ray Lewis type player, and those don't come along often. He makes a lot of plays in all facets of the game, much like Odell did, and this defense made huge plays with a guy like that in the lineup. Sign me up. I'm also from the hilarious and over simplified school of thought that Samoans = wins. It'll work. On a more serious note, it's always to get guys from a winning program if possible who know how to win. Create a winning culture, like Marvin did when he first got here, is necessary.

2. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

I was reading that he's slipping in a lot of people's rankings, so I went out on a huge fuggin' limb and had him slipping into the second, but if this were to happen it'd more than likely be some kind of package deal of Chad and a second rounder to move back into the first. That's probably a pipe dream, but I'm having fun here. Our starting tackles could end up being Oher and Anthony Collins (who I loved at the end of the season, by the way, he's a mean SOB.)

3. Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

I've never really been a fan of drafting receivers lately, but I think it's almost necessary at this point. Hopefully we can get Chad the hell outta here soon, and unfortunately I think Housh is on his way out. Nicks is a tough, clutch, competitive, sure-handed replacement for Housh. We need another guy like him with some balls, who'll go over the middle and take a hit for the team. Aaaand, (gasp) he blocks too. Another part of recreating the identity of this team. If I'm way off on his projection and this is way too far back, then replace him with Derrick Williams, that could be more plausible.

4a. Ricky Jean-Francois, DT, LSU

I'm assuming there'll be a compensatory pick, hence the two fourth rounders. He's an athletic guy for a defensive tackle and could come in on pass rushing downs and provide some energy with Peko and Sims.

4b. Asher Allen. CB, Georgia

I was really impressed with his instincts when I watched him play against Michigan State. As a nickel back you want a guy with smarts who has the quickness to match up with people but can tackle. David Jones just doesn't do it for me. Allen looks like an upgrade.

5. Louis Vasquez, G, Texas Tech

Great pass blocker, All-American, couldn't hurt to add some depth at guard.

6. Deon Butler, WR, Penn State

He's a real good receiver who will fall this far based on a lack of size alone. I'd give him a shot.

7. Darius Hill, TE, Ball State

H-Back type, could be useful situationally and in special teams.

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I love reading what other people think we may or may not do and if the top 2 picks worked out like that, I would have very little concern...

If Oher is there at the top of the second and the Lions take a QB at the top of the first, there is NO WAY IN HELL he gets by them. The same reason people are talking about why the Bengals should look at OT in the 2nd and take the best defensive player is the same reason the Lions should take the best QB and go OT in the 2nd. Someone will fall to them...

Just me, but I would like to see a RB and less WR's. If Chad is moved, which I don't see happening, it may change some things, but it may not with the WR's we currently have. I mean, knowing we won't be going WR in the first or second regardless of Chad is how much different from what we already have on the active roster or even the practice squad ?? I think Nicks goes sooner...

Even though we could probably get a undrafted FA fullback to come in, why not burn the 7th to ensure you get the guy you really want ?? I would have absolutely NO ISSUES with drafting a FB in the late rounds.


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Maualuga will be there at 6. Oher will be gone by 12 at the latest there is no possibility that he falls all the way to the second, but taking Robinson out of Oklahoma, Unger out of Oregon, or Mack out of Cal is a possibility (though Robinson will likely go late in the first). Nicks is a first round talent and with his showing in the bowl game is likely to go late first early second, a good possibility in the third however will be Iglesias out of Oklahoma who has first round statistics and plays like a first rounder but looks funny in practice and will time out slower than expected.

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I totally agree about Oher, if he's still there when the Bengals pick in the 2nd, they've struck gold.

I also agree about not taking an offensive lineman in the 1st though, this draft is filled with them, so can afford to wait. Maualuga would be an excellent choice at 6 imo.

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