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Who would you want playing for the Bengals?


Who would be best for the Bengals?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Top 8

    • Terrell Owens
    • LaDainian Tomlinson
    • Tom Brady
    • Champ Bailey
    • Michael Strahan
    • Brian Urlacher
    • Adrian Peterson
    • Randy Moss

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peterson would give the bengals a running back who could actually break a long run...unlike the slow rudi....you put a peterson type of back behing the offensive line rudi had for those couple of years they would have had 2000 yards not 1400

Not LAST year's Oline. Put Peterson behind our current batch of offensive linemen, and his numbers wouldn't differ that much from Rudis.

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Outa that list? LT. I would however prefer Dallas Clark or Jason Witten over anyone on that list.

Clark and Witten. I had to google them to check which postition they play. As a Bengal fan I'm unfamiliar with this "tight end" position. They can't be that useful or necessary, especially in a pass oriented offense, or we'd have one by now.

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Dear Mr./Mrs Cincinnati Bengals fan,

No offense BUT this is one of the dumbest polls I've ever seen. What planet are you from?

Please do one of two things:

Promise to NEVER post a poll as dumb as this one,


if you can't do that just don't post anymore polls.

Thank you.


All Bengal fans who aren't smoking what you're smoknig

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I can't see the option for "Jennifer Lopez in a faux leather thong" !

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