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Wraith's Bengals Only Mock 2008


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Rd. 1) Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern California: Dominent DT or 3-4 DE super strong and impossible to block with one guy. Penetrator and can make splays behind the line of scrimmage. Has multiple moves as demonstrated in the Senior Bowl where he was the best player on the field.

Rd. 2) Tracy Porter, CB/KR, Indiana: Got a chance to watch him play a ton this year, he is a leader with super speed and a great knack for the ball. Can jump and despite his size he can hit or at least is willing to throw his body at the player. Had a great Senior Bowl. After burning first round picks on CB the last two years, why a second for Porter? He is the best player available and will be a great nickel, special teams guy and a great Kick Returner with 4.35 speed.

Rd. 3a) Shawn Crable, OLB, Michigan: Crable would be my selection because I believe it is in the Bengals best interest to move to a 3-4 and Crable would be a perfect 3-4 OLB. Crable was the unquestioned leader on the Michigan defense his senior year, when things fell apart early he got his team rallied and was largely responsible for thier mid season turn-around. Finished the season with 7.5 sacks and 28.5 TFL.

Rd. 3b) Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee: Huge 6'7" 270 lbs. Caught everything at the Senior Bowl and was able to create space for himself. Willing and effective blocker. For his size 4.75/40 is pretty special. Injury cost him most of his senior season or would be long gone by the end of 3.

Rd. 4) Tom Zbitkowski, S, Notre Dame: Look, I know Notre Dame stunk this year and I saw Zbitkowski get beat like a drum on several occasions where he looked slow, but! I love his toughness, he is a 4 year starter and his ability. Tom will hit you and he will be a vocal leader that team mates respect for his fire and intensity.

Rd. 5) Zach Bowman, FS/CB, Nebraska: He is Fast, Big and when healthy is an excellent player. The problem is he has had several major knee injuries. When things started going bad Bowman removed the famous blackshirt and stated he would not put it back on until the defense started playing well enough to earn it. Love his leadership and if can put behind his injuries he could be a steal, worth a flyer at Rd. 5.

Rd. 6) Franklin Dunbar, OT, Middle Tennessee State: Huge, 6'5" 328 lbs. Has a school record for the clean and jerk at 650 lbs. Quick on his feet and was voted the best O-Lineman in the last decade at his school. Junior who left for family reasons getting better.

Rd. 7) Taj Smith, WR, Syracuse: 6'1" the most productive WR in the school had 40+ recept. for over 800 yards and 5 TDs. Clocked at a sub- 4.4/40. Big and Fast, a guy who has some real potential. Lost his Junior Year to injury and is only 1 year past a major knee problem. Lots of Potential.

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Caleb Cambell, SS, Army would also be a good choice in the 4th instead of Zbitkowski or if Zbitkowski goes in the 3rd or earlier in the 4th. At 6'2" 227 and with a timed 4.48/40 and with a career 300+ tackles at Army I think he would make a fine Strong Safety for us.

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While I agree we need a quality PR/KR, I'd like to see that kind of guy picked up in the later rounds....and because a raw but highly athletic specimen serves this spot well, I think this is doable.

For the first day and well into the second, we should be hitting DL, OL, LB, and (maybe) TE, not necessarily in that order.

Big guys.

The obligatory WR picks Marvin makes every year plus any DB needs should come no earlier than r5, preferrably r6.

That said - I'd like to see DeDe get a shot as a KR or PR

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See, I look at guys like Devin Hester as a guy that you simply cannot find in the later rounds. We have been taking late round guys for PR/KR for a long time and nothing has changed. All that said, I chose Porter because I think we have a need for a good nickel, and because he can be a great gunner on Kickoffs. I think when you see a great talent you have to grab him and Porter I think will be a great talent.

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