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Week 16 preview


Cleveland @ Cincinnati  

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  1. 1. Pick your winner.

    • Browns win!
    • Bengals win!

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Link from NFL.com

Color me about as unexcited over Sundays Bengals/Browns game as the Cincinnati coaching staff is about getting their team up for it. I'm betting Chuck Bresnahan will be playing his familiar "No Pressure - No Cover - No Tackle" defense, Bob Bratkowski will feature his ultra predictable play calling, while Marvin "Teflon" Lewis continues to take no blame for all it in a 34-17 Cincinnati loss to Cleveland.

If you got the guts, jump in with your predictions here. :feelbetter:

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Dont really care, but they are due for one of those games where they actually play well and beat a team that they shouldnt this season.

my my my.....what difference a season makes.

There's no way you'd think you were talking about the Bengals with that statement.

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Right, I'm going to be positive about this one. Bengals will win and be on a roll of possibly ending the season with winning more than a one game in a row!!

It's live on TV over here, more I presumbe because the Browns are looking at the play-offs rather than the Bengals deserving some media exposure.

Bengals 31-21 Browns

merry christmas!

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Well, I just found out they will be showing the game tonight on the satellite and I'm not going to miss an opportunity to watch. Game starts at 10:30pm tonight and the two Steelers fans on the team are sure to be up watching along with me. They are all up my asspiece about, "Do you think the Bengals are going to win ?"... I keep telling them the Browns are going to blow us out just to piss in thier Wheaties, but it REALLY is hard to NOT root for your team... The only thing a win today will do for me today is make my Steeler team mates happy. That is not always a good thing, because as soon as the game is over, it will revert back to how much we suck. I really hate those guys !!!


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