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Casey Bramlet


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I know......big freaking whoop-dee-do :-)

I still say he should have been kept in stripes instead of Craig Krenzel, who has been out of the league for a year or more.

Sure he's bounced from team to team, but in my mind, he's stayed in the league and earned valuable experience along the way, now with Atlanta.

I hope he gets to play some tonight against the Bengals, despite the fact that 3rd stringers don't traditionally get much time in the "tuneup" that the 3rd preseason game has become.

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so....I was not able to watch the broadcast due to work obligations......did he get in and did he too (seen the highlights) look like Joe Montana Jr against the Bengals woeful defense?

I do remember seeing him in at QB briefly in the second half, but as he dropped back into the pocket to throw down field, the broadcast was unexpectedly interrupted with some vague news bulletin about all around good guy and role model Michael Vick and some mean ol dogs. Haven't heard much about this incident since. :rolleyes:

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