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Now introducing........ The WHO-DEY BURGER!!!


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In October, the company?s restaurants in the Cincinnati area are expected to introduce a Who-Dey Burger to tie in with the city?s National Football League team, the Bengals. That burger, named for a chant popularized by Bengals fans, will include chili, shredded cheese and onions that are standard for Cincinnatistyle chili hot dogs.


And a post from one of the guys at go-bengals.com:

QUOTE(MrOrange1219 @ Aug 9 2007, 03:59 PM) *
Alright, I just picked mine up...

It's a burger with swiss cheese, onions and 1,000 island dressing. A large combo gets you a "collectors cup" with the schedule on it - it got me to spend an extra dollar.

Let's take the experience together, shall we?

I got mine with no onions.

First impressions on the look - nothing special, and it smells funny.

First bite - It tastes just like you'd imagine a swiss burger with 1,000 island dressing would.
I probably won't make a special trip out to get one again, but I wouldn't mind ordering it again if I'm there...

Some one go get one of these bad boys....

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