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Chad: Endzone Celebrations, Fines Back This Year


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A certain SourpussOnFire will be just thrilled, I'm sure! :lmao:

Chad promises gags, fines and a monster year

Receiver, humble no more, says if he scores in Week 1, 'you will laugh for a lifetime.'

By Chick Ludwig

Staff Writer

Friday, August 03, 2007

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Like the central Kentucky weather, Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is heating up — in more ways than one.

"I'm going back to the old '05 Chad — the talking, the celebrating, the getting fined — all that," Johnson said during a recent break at training camp. "It's going to be a very entertaining, but productive, got-to-get-to-the-playoffs season. I want to carry the load. I'm going to make sure we get it done."

Last year, Johnson became the first Bengal to lead the league in receiving yards in a season with 1,369. Nevertheless, head coach Marvin Lewis and wide receivers coach Mike Sheppard challenged him to get better.

They point to Johnson's final three games — a combined 10 catches for 122 yards and no touchdowns — as proof that there's room for improvement.

"It was brought to my attention my whole game needs work, regardless of the numbers I put up," Johnson said. "They basically said, 'What can we do to continue to push someone who's already self-motivated?' They pushed all the right buttons. It put two unbelievably big chips on my shoulders and an enormous monkey on my back. Therefore, you've created a bigger beast and a bigger animal than what you've already had. This is going to be a ridiculously monster season."

The four-time Pro Bowler harnessed his emotion last season. He believes it held him back.

"I tried to change," he said. "I tried to be quiet. I tried not talking, playing what the outside world would call the humble role. This year, I'm going to play what the outside world would call the arrogant role. I call it confidence. Me being me, It's tough to walk the line between arrogance and humility. But I do back it up with my play, except for the last few weeks of the (2006) season.

"It's stupid to say. Some people aren't going to like it. But I set money aside (for fines). I did it in 2005. This is a year to entertain everyone around the world. Week 1, if I touch the end zone, you will laugh for a lifetime. Marvin might sit me down for the next game. But you will laugh."

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