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1st day of the draft

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I think that the Bengals should trade their #18 pick to the Lions for the Lions 2nd Rd. Pick and 3rd Rd. pick, then take Eric Weddle with that pick, then take Justin Durant with the other 2nd rounder..and then in the 3rd round select Paul Soliai....weddle a very smart defensive back that we need, justin durant, a playmaking linebacker that we sorely need, and get a 3rd rounder and take paul soliai, a defensive tackle we definately need

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I'd do it if they would. That would basically be three 2nd round picks. The Bengals would have the second overall 2nd round (#34) their own 2nd rounder (# 49) and then the second overall 3rd rounder (#66).

If the Bengals were looking to add another 1st day selection (because it is going to be a long wait between that 49th and 114th selection), that would be as good a trade as any. You drop 16 slots to get another 1st day pick. But as TDB mentioned, the Lions would have to agree to this as well - meaning that there would have to be somebody they liked a lot in that slot.

But the point is well-taken. It doesn't matter if it is the Lions, or someone else... If the Bengals could basically get three 2nd round picks instead of one 1st and one 2nd, I think it would be worth trading out of the 1st round.

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Let's not forget that the Lions would have to agree on making that trade, and I don't think they would.

Well, from a value perspective it's a good deal for the Lions. Looking at ye olde draft pick trade value chart, 18 is worth 900, and the Lion's 2nd and 3rd are worth 820 combined. Were I the Bengals, I would want to swap 4ths, too, or get the Lions' 5th-rounder. Either way brings the Lions' tally up around 860.

I don't see Detroit entertaining such an offer unless they trade out of the No. 2 overall spot, which if Calvin Johnson is still there (and that seems a lock) could happen. If they pick up some extra day 1 picks they might be willing to deal.

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Falcons have two 2nd round picks

# 39 and # 44.

The Bucs have two 2nd round pics

# 35 and # 64

The Jets have two 2nd round picks

# 59 and # 63

------------------------------------If Cincinnati trades out of the first round

# 18 is worth 900.. so.

The Falcons two picks are worth 970, so we could add our 4th rounder or swap later round picks in a couple of rounds.

The Bucs picks are worth 820, so they'd have to sweeten the pot with a 4th rounder.

The Jets pics are worth 586, so they'd have to throw half of their draft in to do the deal. ^_^

The Real possiblities of draft day trades are us trading down to the mid '20s. We'd easily get a 3rd rounder and more for doing that.

- Smith is trade bait, as well as Deltha 'ONeal.

- I seriously doubt the Bengals will allow Stacey Andrews to go whether or not we'd get a 2nd rounder for him or not. He's proven he can backup at tackle and guard. The depth he provides alone warrants we pass on the 2nd rounder. - Then again there is that Justin Blaylock kid from Texas :D

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The problem this year is that 1st round picks aren't going to carry as much "worth" as they traditionally do, and it is going to hurt the ability for anyone to make trades.

I don't often agree with Peter King... but it is hard to argue with his latest claim (he has asked NFL personnel people to come to his conclusion) that there aren't that many true 1st round talent players in this draft. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writ...raft/index.html

One executive I spoke with -- a smart football man whom I trust very much -- said his team gave only 18 players first-round grades in its recently concluded draft meetings. That means, as he said, a bunch of second-round-quality players (at least, in this team's view) will be drafted between the middle and end of the first round, and they will make more money than players with holes deserve to make. "I bet you'll see plenty of teams in the mid- to low-first-round trying to trade down, and I bet they'll have a lot of trouble finding trading partners,'' this personnel guy said.

There are a ton of 2nd round talent guys... But it most likely means that in the eyes of a lot of NFL teams, the Bengals are going to be drafting at the very end of the first round talent... and many if not all of the coveted players could be long gone. It's unlikely that a lot of teams are going to be willing to trade up to draft a 2nd round talent when there will be others waiting for them at their own slot.

I could be wrong... but I don't see a lot of trades happening toward the end of the 1st round. Unfortunately, that means the Bengals will likely be drafting a player with less talent than the #18 pick traditionally holds, and won't be able to trade out of the slot and get good value for it.

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