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Its all a load of b0ll0cks

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Testicles move. Fact. They move of their volition. Or do they?

If testicles on a male in the northern hemisphere move in one direction, then do those testes attached to males in the southern hemisphere move in the opposite direction? - like water down a plug hole is affected by polar magnetic forces, can the same be said for your pods?

Now I don't know if a study has ever been undertaken on this subject, and I don't know any antipodeans well enough to stare at their happy sacks as their plums manouevre, so I don't know if this is strictly true or not.

If it is, then what happens when someone is on the equator - is testicular movement perfectly balanced so that one ball goes one way and the other ball goes the other way - akin to the tassles of an overly buxom lap dancer?

Anyway, thats my 800th post - and I wanted it to be a special one! :P

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