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Rumor circulating...

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I heard someone say that GB is interested in shipping out Aaron Rodgers to Oakland for Randy Moss. GB wants to get rid of Rodgers cause he "doesn't fit the system" and isn't the future QB of the organization.

Anyone else heard this? This would be great for both Moss and Favre! Moss would have to stay on the up and up or Favre would rip him a new one.

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I heard this, but If I was Oakland I would want a first rounder NOT Arron Rogers.

The Original offer was a 1st and anothe pick for moss, they countered with Rogers.

They're not getting a first and another pick for Moss, so they can keep dreaming. They won't get a first for Moss period. He's slower than he used to be, he's a known malcontent who has completely quit on his current team, and I believe he has a fairly rich contract. I can see them getting a mid-2nd for him, best deal. Maybe less. However, since Aaron Rodgers has effectively done nothing in two years, I have no idea what he'd be worth to another team. Given his slide in a weak draft and questions about him being a Tedford systems guy, combined with the fact that GB apparently have soured on him, he probably wouldn't even draw a 2nd rounder at this point.

So if I'm handicapping this match, I'd say Moss is worth Rodgers and GB's 6th. If Moss is willing to rewrok his deal - particularly if it is incentive-heavy - maybe I give Rodgers and GB's 4th.

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Poor Aaron Rodgers.

He had no idea Favre was going to play for all eternity and his career was going to be spent on the pine and now he is going to play in the crap hole Oakland. I feel sorry for him.

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I know many die hard Packer fans, and with Randy Moss being a former Viking, I highly doubt that they would want his formerly purple ass on their team! I know I wouldn't want him on ours... <_<

I heard a worse rumor then any of these, heard that if Pittsburgh can't get T.J. Ducket that they are thinking about getting Corey Dillon for there short yard back. I think Corey would love to go to the Steelers to stick it to the Bengals even more, we would have to install metal detectors at the stadium when Pittsburgh came to town if he went there.

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