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Help get Bengalszone onto Bengalscentral


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here is a link to write Bengalscentral.com in hopes that we can get a direct link to Bengalszone.com --> bengalscentral@bengalscentral.com

this is what i wrote them

First let me say i love your site and check it each and every day

Second is there a way to get another site link put onto your site ??? if so the site i think you might like looking into is called http://forums.bengalszone.com/ and i think you will find it a great place to chat and find Bengals fans around the world...

thanks for your time

Jeffrey Parker or jbengals1

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you can tell hes new at being a web designer...its good but it has flaws...which are fine, at least hes doing something and trying something to involve the fans.

Yea, it's definately unique in this sports prima-donna age. I just hope people are free to say what they will, in the confines of maturity, and not have big brother John breathing down our necks.

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I wouldnt bug him about it if i were you guys. If he wants to do it, he will, im sure he doenst want 50 e mails about the same thing in his inbox.

Yea, won't want him to think we're spamming him.

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