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Bengals: Best AFCN Offseason?


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Are we having the best offseason is the division so far? Let's review (via espn.com & the Denver Post report today):

Bengals (8-8):

Player signed /// Player lost

LB Nate Webster (Bucs) /// CB Artrelle Hawkins (Panthers)

S Kim Herring (Rams) /// OL Mike Goff (Chargers)

K Shayne Graham (re-signed) /// OL Matt O'Dwyer (Bucs)

C Rich Braham (re-signed) /// CB Jeff Burris (released)

WR Patrick Johnson (Redskins) /// LB Riall Johnson (Cardinals)

CB Reggie Myles (re-signed) /// RB Brandon Bennett (Bucs)

SS Rogers Beckett (re-signed) /// FS Mark Roman (Packers)

OG Bobby Williams (Eagles) /// DT Oliver Gibson (Bills)

OL Victor Leyva (re-signed) /// OG Scott Rehberg (released)

DT Daryl Gardener (Denver)**

Acquired via trade /// Players traded

CB Deltha O'Neal, /// 1st round draft pick (17)

1st round draft pick (24),

4th round draft pick (Broncos)

(** according to Denver Post reports)

Browns (5-11):

Player signed /// Player lost

LB Brant Boyer (re-signed) /// RB Jamel White (Bucs)

QB Jeff Garcia (49ers) /// OL Shaun O'Hara (Giants)

DE Ebenezer Ekuban (Cowboys) /// P Chris Gardocki (Steelers)

FB Terrelle Smith (Saints) /// CB Lewis Sanders (Jaguars)

DT Michael Myers (re-signed) /// OL Barry Stokes (Giants)

OG Kelvin Garmon (Chargers)  

Steelers (6-10):

Player signed /// Player lost

FB Dan Kreider (re-signed) /// CB Dewayne Washington (Jaguars)

TE Matt Cushing (re-signed) /// TE Mark Bruener (released)

K Jeff Reed (re-signed) /// P Josh Miller (released)

WR Chris Doering (re-signed) /// RB Amos Zereoue (released)

LB Clark Haggans (re-signed) /// DE Rodney Bailey (Patriots)

P Chris Gardocki (Browns) /// RB Dee Brown (released)

RB Duce Staley (Eagles) /// FS Brent Alexander (released)

DT Travis Kirschke (49ers)  

C Chukky Okobi (re-signed)  

S Mike Logan (re-signed)  

DL Chris Hoke (re-signed)  

LS Mike Schneck (re-signed)

Ravens (10-6):

Player signed /// Player lost

CB Chris McAlister (franchise) /// WR Marcus Robinson (Vikings)

C Mike Flynn (re-signed) /// CB Tom Knight (Bucs)

K Matt Stover (re-signed) /// TE John Jones (Dolphins)

QB Anthony Wright (re-signed)  

OT Orlando Brown (re-signed)  

LB Adalius Thomas (re-signed)  

Acquired via trade

5th round draft pick (Eagles) (Voiding Terrell Owens trade)

OK, I can understand the Ravens not making many moves. After all they went 10-6 while they are basically in quasi-rebuild mode, trying to bring Boller along at QB. And they did try to fill their one big hole at WR before getting shafted in the Owens deal (and yeah, I think they got screwed, tho I can't say I'm all that upset about it :) )

But the Steelers? They had a horrible year last year, but just about all they've done is to resign their own guys. Uh...okay. The Staley pickup is a big one, but they have booted two members of the secondary and done nothing to replace them. And they seem to be eyeing Rivers in the first, meaning they can't even start to address their poor pass D until the second.

The Browns brought in Garcia, which should be a good move short-term, but have still made few moves for a 5-11 team. Butch seems to be planning on tossing lots of youngsters (starting with Sean Taylor?) into the fire.

Meanwhile, the Bengals, although they improved by 6 games over 2002, have ejected more players than any of the other teams and brought in more veterans from outside (6 counting Gardener) than anyone else.

Dang. Looks like we're doing pretty good... :ph34r:

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We definately upgraded more than any AFC North team....

Baltimore: Biggest need WR, have actually gone down hill thanks to TO

Steelers: biggest problems, defense against the pass, lack of running game, QB throws too many picks. Staley is a good pickup, but not great, still have lot's of problems on the defensive side of the ball, and Turnover Tommy is still the QB

Cleveland: Garcia is going to be running an offense he isn't familier with, and the first time someone hits him har he is gonna go off the field, and the QB carosel (sp?) continues cause their O-line needs some serious help and they haven't fixed that.

Bengals: Biggest need, pass rush and coverage, adding Gardner and O'neal helps that, it doesn't move it up to elite level, we'll save that for the draft....

And speaking of the draft, of the 4 teams, we are in the best postion to improve via that....Cleveland is picking high, and will probably have to deal with holdouts come training camp, especially since there is talk of them trading up to get Gallery, so that means they have even less picks to solver the problems they have...Steelers are in a pretty good spot and have extra draft picks on the second day, but they will probably have to draft a QB early so that eliminates one pick making a real impact this year...Baltimore is in the worse shape cause they don't have a pick in the first to help address the WR problem, and if there is a run on WR's they are in a world of hurt even if this is a very deep draft at WR...But really they need two WR's early, and they just won't get it

The Bengals probably have the best grasp on the draft cause they coached in the senior bowl so the team got an upclose look at a good number of players, plus with one extra 4th, and an extra 3rd so far they are looking at some good players to improve this D.

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We have definitly had the best offseason, but i think in the draft, Cleveland has the best spots, Pitt is 2nd, with us closely behind. But, our main competition in the division, the ravens, have no first round pick, so they probly cant get a 2004 starter out of the draft.

I like our chances though, its all up to palmer. If he is Akili/Klingler, we wont make the playoffs, if he is Boomer/Anderson, we have a good shot at the post season.

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If he is Akili/Klingler, we wont make the playoffs, if he is Boomer/Anderson, we have a good shot at the post season.

What if he's Kitna? I say we have a very good chance to reach the post season if he can play at the level Jon played last season.

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I agree that it appears that We looked to have had the best FA period, but now sitting at # 24 still makes me think that another 2nd round pick would be ideal !

* Going into this offseason I've always felt that we needed an extra pick between #17 and #49 !. If in some way we could still get that pick I would be extremely happy.

*N.E. needs to get off their lazy A$$es and give up one of those 2nd round picks (even though their after # 49) for Dillon . Teams are moving ahead of them Denver, Dallas may be next, plus Tampa Bay is there as well. :D

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On the face of it we appear to have had the best of FA activity in the North division. Now it's all down to the draft, which essentially is a pick for the long term rather than the immediate season. The question is, when the draft is done and the dust has settled have we done enough to pull two games on Baltimore? If we have then we'll be divisional champs and into the play-offs, if not we'll be looking for second spot in the division, possible wild card bert, and for some of those draft picks to be making a show in 2005.

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