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Browns Week Photo Special


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BTW, Deadspin picked up on this.


Imagine What They'll Call It When They Actually Use It

Far be it from us to pretend to be experts in branding, but this new marketing gimmick for the Cleveland Browns, obviously a "riff" (and "riff" is being generous) on the Steelers' Terrible Towel, is actually called The Dirty Brown Towel.

No, really; that's what they call it.

We suppose if you're going to create a piece of derivative cloth to inspire a fan base that otherwise must distract itself with barking sounds, it probably behooves you to grace it with particularly memorable nomenclature, even if said nomenclature veers toward the scatty. Other suggested names were "Fart Towel," "s**t Rag," "Tiny Piece Of Felt Flecked With Physical Remnants Of The Excretory Process" and, our favorite, "Jay Mariotti."

Enjoy the Comments.

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