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Super Bowl Odds

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Odds to Win 2007 Super Bowl - Miami FL

02-03-07 8:00 PM

Below is a list of current odds for the Super Bowl. I think this shows the dominant teams are in the AFC. It will be a tough road for the Bengals, but you have to take a flyer on them with 20 to 1 odds. If Palmer is healthy, it would seem those odds would significantly change. I also like the line on the Chargers....assuming Rivers can complete a forward pass. Indy at 6 to 1 seems a bit too rich. If they cannot make it with homefield and nothing but domes, they will never seal the deal.

Indianapolis Colts 6-1

New England Patriots 8-1

San Diego Chargers 14-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1

Cincinnati Bengals 20-1

Denver Broncos 10-1

Seattle Seahawks 10-1

Kansas City Chiefs 20-1

Carolina Panthers 13-1

Dallas Cowboys 12-1

Washington Redskins 13-1

New York Giants 16-1

Chicago Bears 16-1

Philadelphia Eagles 18-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1

Minnesota Vikings 30-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-1

Atlanta Falcons 30-1

Miami Dolphins 25-1

Baltimore Ravens 40-1

Oakland Raiders 100-1

St Louis Rams 60-1

Buffalo Bills 100-1

Cleveland Browns 100-1

Detroit Lions 100-1

Arizona Cardinals 45-1

New York Jets 100-1

Green Bay Packers 100-1

Houston Texans 100-1

Tennessee Titans 100-1

San Francisco 49ers 150-1

New Orleans Saints 50-1

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wel this was a febuary 7th assement...so they're assuming Carson is down for a while.

I bet the bengals odds increase to near 10-1 /8-1 after week 2.

Agreed. These odds would be much more in our favor without the questions surrounding Carson.

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haters putting the charges & redskins above us

SD should be below us *if* Carson's healthy, but we don't know.

The Redskins pick is stupid. Sure it's in the NFC and they're simply more likely to get *to* the Super Bowl. However, I have it on good authority that Mark Brunell's deal with the devil was a one-year contract.

Seriously, you know what it will take to beat the Redskins? Keep a safety over the top of Moss, for Chrissakes. How many games did they win last year on fluky streak routes where he simply ran past the corner?

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This is crazy, the colts are 6-1 odds! Didn't they loose their running game? I also thought they lost a few key players on Def! Bottom line, we get Palmer back early, there is no stopping us!

Unless the Squeeler's brake another leg. And yeah im still mad. :rant:

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I think that the Carson saga does weigh heavily on the odds makers. And also I live about 30 min from Indy and it's the same thing every year with Peyton and the Blue Crew. Everybody gets their hopes way up only to be let down by #18 choking in the playoffs. When we were horrible for soooooooo many years people asked if I was really a Bengals fan, like they couldn't believe that I would really like a team that was as terrible as we were back then. I always told them at least I know what to expect(losing).Colts fans get your hopes up only for them to be shattered by a BIG CHOKE.

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The odds makers are just putting numbers based on where they think people will be betting. If you want the numbers to look better in our favor... go place a bet.

That's not so much true. If they think the public's friggin' nuts, most of the casinos don't move the line just to even hte action, at least anymore. Otherwise, it would be too easy to bet against NY teams in AC and LA teams in LV. Not that I looked into it, or anything...

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