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Undrafted Rookies FA's

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i noticed Tim Day, the tight end from Oregon went undrafted. never seen him play, but he was slated to be a mid-round pick on most mocks...

who else could you see gettin signed by the bengals?

martin nance went undrafted :blink:

not much room for him here, but....

others i like-

kai parham, ilb, virginia

greg lee, wr, pittsburgh...don't understand why he wasn't drafted

anwar phillips, cb, penn state

gerald riggs jr., rb, tennessee

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Some other names Anthony Mix WR/TE Auburn, Tyler Everett S Ohio St., Cooper Wallace TE Auburn, Dion Bynum CB/S Ohio U., Mike Kudla DE/LB Ohio St., Frddie Roach ILB Alabama, Bian Iwuh LB/S Colorado, and Eric Henderson DE Georgia Tech

preatty sure cooper got drafted

Only 2 UDFA's I care about are Greg Estandia and Tim Day

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Nance (the WR from Miami, OH) was another one that I was surprised to go undrafted. Especially with the Moss factor from the MAC. But who ended up with him again? The Bills? I wish Philly would have gone after a tall receiver for a red zone threat...but I can't copmplain about the Baskett trade. It was a good smart post draft trade. That will add a little height for the Philly WR Corp.

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Philly's WR Corp

Does that really exist ?? That's like saying, "Kellen Winslow's Intelligence"...


Very true...Philly hasn't had a great WR since Chris Carter...but they got rid of him because all he did was catch TD's. *drops head in shame*

And "Kellen Winslow's intelligence" is quite the oxy moron! I wish we had the Bengals WR Corp! I am very jealous!

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I think the Baskett trade was pretty good, but most rookies don't make that immediate impact the team usually needs and will take some time. Hopefully it will all come around for you !!!


You never know any more. Philly worked Brown into the starting line up last year, granted the spot opened up when Owens opened his big mouth. But he was able to make an impact early. I just hope the wide receivers can do something this year.

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