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new uniforms


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Does anyone read the uniwatch articles on ESPN.com page 2. Well I was reading it and the writer says he has it on good source that the Reds ownership wants to get rid of the black in the Reds uniforms.

And on top of that they want to bring back Navy blue as the 3rd color. Has anyone else heard this rumor floating around?


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I like the black as well, taking out the black would be a big time change to the road unis. Not so much on the home unis. I can see this rumor having some legs, seeming as how ownership is big into tradition.

But keep in mind with marketing the way it is nowadays, alternate jerseys are the big thing, if they do make the third color navy blue, will we ever see a navy blue jersey to follow?

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I like torn off ass sleeves like on that baseball card. And maybe anchor tattoos!

What's an "ass sleeve" ?? :lol:


Probably part of a uniform worn by someone that owns an ass hat.

Here's a link to old Reds unis available from MLB.


And a few of my faves from a bye gone era.








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Those Astro jersey stand alone dont they.

I like all those old jersey's except that Indians one, deep seated bias does not allow me to like anything associated with the armpit of Ohio.

I am in favor of independence for Cleveland.

This will allow the rest of Ohio to have a better reputation, standard of living and much better sports teams by subtraction.

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I still love the old Padres uniforms as well,



For the youngsters...Ray Kroc, founder and owner of McDonald's fast food chain, also owned the Padres for a period of time. In the late 1970's, McDonalds uniforms were nearly identical in color to the brown and maize colored uniforms of the Padres. This is probably an early version of cross-branding.

but the Astros were sweet...

Back in high school, one of the local schools (Greenhills possibly?) had the identical uniform to the Astros but in a green color scheme. :huh:

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